Printmaking taster: Photo Etching

Printmaking taster: Photo Etching (WMC Camden College)


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Photo Etching allows you to make multiple prints from metal plates using exposed digital or photographic images. Zinc plates are coated with a light-sensitive emulsion that hardens when exposed to UV light – unhardened areas are then washed away leaving the exposed zinc to be etched using an acid bath.

On this taster workshop, you will learn how to prepare a photographic positive, expose the plate to transfer the image, apply an aquatint, etch the plate and finally make a print to take away with you.

Please bring an image that you would like to work from printed onto regular printer paper at around 20x10cm in size. We will have some images to work from if you would rather. Please also bring some gloves and an old shirt/messy clothes.


Date Tuesday
Start Time 18:00
Day 15/10/2019
End Time 21:00
Room  (Kentish Town site)
Tutor E. Andrews


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