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Creative Arts

Welcome to Creative Arts

Whether you dream of becoming a budding artist, fashion designer, jewellery maker, or web designer we have a course for you. Get inspired and develop your creative skills with our huge range of creative courses from age old techniques such as etching and bookbinding to contemporary courses such as vlogging and web design.

  • Online & Offline Courses Available
  • Credited and Non Accredited Courses Available
  • Beginner to Level 3 Courses Available
  • Many Courses Discounted or Free

Our Students Work

What Our Students Say

After a successful career in international development I left my job and signed up to for the Creative Arts course.

I am off to university because tutors took the time to listen to me and used their expertise to advise me.

Whatever your dream, explore what’s on offer as it’s never too late to start a new career.

Creative Arts Student

My tutor has taken time to help me explore my space in the crowded world of contemporary art. He is inspiring!

Creative Arts Student

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