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Humanities and Culture

Welcome to Humanities and Culture

Our Humanities and Culture programme offers a rich selection of courses in history and culture, art history, creative writing and journalism.

Discover Camden’s dynamic heritage or uncover an oral history of your family. Explore the world of art through the ages and around Camden. Develop your writing skills, from the key principles of creative writing to learning how to write for newspapers and magazines.

If you are interested in broadening your history, culture, art or writing knowledge there’s a course here for you.

  • Many Courses Free or Discounted
  • Weekday, Evening, Weekend Courses Available
  • Online Courses Available
  • Entry Level

What Our Students Say

Investing in my personal interests has really helped be to build confidence and given me a spark back. Learning and studying isn’t just for school or university, it’s great to discover your interests further.

History of Art Student
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