Website accessibility tools

Microsoft windows users

Microsoft has inbuilt features, to aid accessibility. Select ‘All Programs’ and ‘Accessories’ and ‘Accessibility’ to find the options.

Slight visual impairment

For those with a slight visual impairment, the ‘Magnifier’ option in Microsoft Windows may be useful, to enlarge text size.

Microsoft ‘Narrator’ is a basic screen reader that may also be of use. Be aware that it can only be used in certain programs and will only read in English.

For those with Vista, click here for accessibility demos.

You can view a short video: ‘How to resize text on web pages’ using Internet Explorer.

Linux, Mac and Apple users

The BBC My Web My Way site gives information on web accessibility for users. Apple users can visit the Apple Accessibility pages.

Using Adobe’s Acrobat’s ‘Read Out Loud’

This screen-reading tool can be used to convert written text into audio format. For example, to read a prospectus:

  1. Select ‘Download prospectus’ (as pdf) from the relevant page on the website
  2. Save as an ‘Adobe pdf file’ on your computer
  3. Open the file with ‘Adobe Reader’
  4. Select ‘View’ from the top tool bar
  5. Select ‘Read Out Loud’, then ‘Activate Read Out Loud’
  6. Start using as required. You may wish to use headphones to listen

In addition, many website pages can be converted into PDF format to facilitate the use of screen-reading software.


Videos viewed via YouTube allow for captions to be enabled. Select the icon labelled ‘Automatic captions available in your language’.

Website help

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