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Multiply Learners Feature in GLA Videos

We’re delighted that WM College’s ‘Eat Well, Pay Less’ course was selected to feature in one of six videos commissioned by The Greater London Authority (GLA) to showcase community numeracy provision across London.

The ‘Eat Well, Pay Less’ course has been co-designed by Luvain Maximen, WM College Multiply tutor, and Ifrah Ahmed, Somali Community Worker at Chadswell Healthy Living Centre, as part of the national Multiply scheme. Each session aims to empower participants to feel more comfortable with everyday numeracy so that they can manage shopping budgets, measure ingredients, and control portion sizes to support healthy eating for the whole family. The majority of learners on the course have gone onto complete Entry Level Functional Skills qualifications and are looking to progress their maths skills further. These journeys and individuals stories are what the GLA captured with 4 hours of filming and interviewing participants. Take a look at the final result below.

If you’ve ever struggled with maths or want to improve your numeracy skills for life and work, WM College Multiply team can help. All the courses are free to London residents who do not have the basic UK maths qualifications that most employers require. Click here for more information or contact Peter Whitehead at


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