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Multiply – Support in Maths

Welcome to Multiply

We run a variety of courses to support students who want help with maths.  You could be:

  • looking to help a child with their maths homework;
  • trying to improve your maths to help with money and budgeting;
  • coming from overseas and needing a UK qualification;
  • wanting to overcome maths anxiety, dyscalculia or other maths difficulty.

Or, you might just be wanting to take the first steps having struggled with maths all your life.

Looking to take the first steps 

If you’ve ever struggled with maths, or want to improve your confidence for life and work, then we have courses for you.

Some of these courses run in college, some are available online, but most involve us bringing our specialist and supportive teachers out to community centres, schools and libraries.

All these courses are free to London residents who do not have the basic UK maths qualifications that most employers require. 

If you have any questions please contact Peter Whitehead at

Courses for families, parents and carers

Parents and Carers

Have you ever struggled to understand your child’s homework?

Have you ever wanted to help with your child’s homework but maths is “different” now?

Have you ever wanted to understand whether your child is maths anxious or has a maths difficulty such as dyscalculia?

We run courses in schools to help parents with the type of maths their children are learning.

Email to find out about current and up-coming courses.

Maths and money

The cost of living crisis has increased the need for us to use maths skills in order to budget household spending. 

Our courses help you with:

  • Making sure you’re getting the right income and benefits
  • Help making the most of your money
    • Shopping, budgeting and offers
  • Saying “no” and prioritising what to purchase

Email to find out about current and up-coming courses.

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Tel: 020 7255 4700
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