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What Our Students Say

Alycia (Supported Learning)

“I feel I’ve been given a chance to improve myself, and it’s all thanks to the staff and students in LLDD at WM College. The teachers have been fantastic with their calmness and patience and I feel I am now able to progress onto a mainstream course.” 

Asma (Maths and English)

WM College has made a huge difference in my life. I have been inspired to learn, my self-confidence has improved and my digital, maths and communication skills are all stronger now.

Graham (Computing)

The tutor was very supportive and broke down the subject in easy formulas and was patient with me and the others.  Never belittling my efforts yet maintaining a necessary firmness. A good combination.

Graham (Drama)

I’ve gained a lot of social skills training and group work learning from drama, as well as having fun.


I like the environment and teaching methods at WM College. I can truly say that when the teachers deliver their lessons, I do not think about anything else because the lessons are so interesting.

Katie (English)

I started at WM College because my little girl was finding school very hard, bringing lots of homework home and I didn’t know where to start with it. WM College has changed my life. I passed all my exams in English and can now help my little girl to do her homework.

Catherine (Creative Writing)

WM College has changed my life. I have done things I never thought I was capable of. After my first writing class I went home lifted and elated. I could hardly wait for the next class the following week.


I enjoy the College’s atmosphere. I have made new friends, who I spend time with during the break times and I look forward to that.” 

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