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WM College’s First Language Exchange This Year

Back in October WM College held its first Language Exchange of the year for ESOL and Modern Foreign Languages learners.

The informal event was a collaboration organised by ESOL and Language lecturers which aimed to help both modern language and ESOL learners practise their speaking skills and use the language they are studying in an authentic way.

During the event, modern language learners were matched with a fluent speaker of their chosen language of study. This encouraged both partners to break through language barriers and express themselves in a second language. Not only did learners build on their speaking skills, but also had the opportunity to learn more about cultures and practise in a fun and meaningful way. Some learners have continued to meet weekly for further practice and to build upon new connections.

Spanish Lecturer, Sandra Gallofre, said “My learners are always eager to speak and have conversation in class but don’t always have enough time. Everyone who went to the exchange had the space and time to practise speaking with native speakers which was great for their learning”.

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