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WM College Winners of Century.Tech Winter Cup

WM College has recently been announced as the winners of Century.Tech’s Winter Cup.

Century is a learning platform that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience. It creates constantly adapting personalised pathways for learners and powerful intervention data for tutors.

The WM College English and Maths departments have been using Century to stretch and support learners as well as identify gaps in knowledge. As part of the regular English and Maths lessons, tutors used the platform to set up question activities for learners. Without realising the results of these questionnaires were being measured against other colleges to see who could answer the most questions in the 4-week run-up to Christmas, WM College were the winners! Our learners answered an amazing 95,000 questions in that time, averaging 297 questions per learner, which meant the College won by an enormous margin. A huge well done to the learners and their tutors, they have now clocked up an incredible 370,000 questions. 

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