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Success for ESOL Learner Stella!

Having not had the opportunity to go to school in Nigeria, Stella James was unable to read or write. She worked from a young age in her mother’s street food restaurant and developed a strong passion for food.

When Stella moved to the UK it was a dream of hers to be a chef, writing recipes and sharing her creations with the world, but she was unsure how to without the ability to write.

Stella enrolled at WM College to study ESOL and thrived in the class. She has since progressed onto study English Entry 2. With her new skills Stella has been able to progress her education and complete two programmes with TERN and graduate from the Up Collective and the Food Power Programme, as well as completing a training programme with Migrateful.

Armed with plenty of new skills Stella has been able to set up her own Nigerian catering company, Special Delicacies, which is going from strength to strength. She is now an official Migrateful Chef and caters large gatherings and corporate events with a recent gig for Sky and an appearance on BBC Breakfast.

Stella said:

‘ I LOVE food, I love cooking, the sharing with others and the way that it brings people together. To me, it’s more than just serving delicious tasting dishes. Food was part of my childhood and is forever linked to my mother.’

We’re so proud of everything Stella has achieved and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Follow Stella on her Instagram account here. If you would like to improve your English speaking, reading and writing, take a look at our ESOL courses here.


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