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Photography courses at WMC-The Camden College Working Men's College London

All our Photography courses are available for adults aged 19 on 31 August 2018 and over only.

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Daytime & Evening Photography Courses at WMC-The Camden College

Contemporary Portraiture (Beginner Intermediate)

Are you thinking of a career as a photographer and/or wish to get the basics of informal and formal portraiture while improving your photographs? You will learn a combination of technical skills and an understanding of the inhibitions that the camera may impose whether you are photographing people on the street, friends or family in an informal location or photographing formal portraits in a studio setting. You will learn to capture the moment with photographic techniques and develop a comprehensive understanding about meeting real briefs. This course can lead to jobs within the photography market like working as an assistant, working as an advisor within a photography shop or as a freelancer photographer. You must have your own digital DSLR camera to enrol on the course.

Digital Photography (Beginner/Intermediate)

On this exciting course, you will learn all about shutter speed, aperture and lighting to achieve correct exposures in different situations to produce fantastic photos. This course is perfect for learning new skills or refreshing your existing knowledge. You will learn how to stop using that Auto button on your camera and to improve your images through a better understanding of basic compositional and perspective techniques. You must have your own digital DSLR camera to enrol on the course

Fashion Photography (Beginner/Intermediate)

The course enables you to explore images in the context of a fashion story, examining narrative, presentation and complex lighting techniques. You will be required to work within a team to develop your style and explore your creative ideas and influences shoot your chosen theme. The course will assist you in developing your creative ideas while questioning the foundations of fashion images and the role they play in photography. You will learn essential tools in Photoshop to enhance your images while exploring various techniques essential for industry. This course is open to all and also ideal for aspiring photographers who wish to work as fashion photographer. You must have your own digital DSLR camera to enrol on the course.

Introduction to Street Photography

This intensive but fun course will take you out onto the streets of Camden to help confront your fears when involving capturing strangers in your images. Explore the historical context of photographing people on the street, practise your technique in observing and capturing them, and consider the issues of consent and recognising subjects’ fears and boundaries. This is a practical course, taught through hands-on workshops. There will be lots of practical exercises to give you the confidence and basic skills to go out and shoot independently. You must have your own digital DSLR camera to enrol on the course

Surface Finishing Techniques for Photography, Fine Art and Crafts

This course will introduce you to a variety of surface manipulation techniques such as Craquelure, small relieve, ageing, guilding for 2D artwork (prints, canvas). You will learn how to add creatively different textures to printwork. This course is ideal for photographers, craft enthusiast and Foundation Art Diploma learners or anyone interested in the subject.