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Supported Learning Health and Wellbeing

Course Details

Start Date: 11/01/2022
Day:              Tuesday
Times:           10.00-12.30
Duration:      10 weeks


Start Date: 26/04/2022
Day:              Tuesday
Times:           10.00-12.30
Duration:      10 weeks

This course has been developed for learners with basic English reading and writing skills.

This course introduces three health and wellbeing activities that provide and nurture calmness and well-being within learners that they can carry with them into their daily lives. This 10-week beginner’s course introduces learners to Art for Relaxation, Feldenkrais and Tai Chi QiGong. Painting lowers stress and leaves us feeling mentally clear and calm while Tai Chi QiGong enhances vitality, calms the mind, reduces anxiety, and improves balance, and Feldenkrais seeks to improve comfort and skill in movement, raising awareness of breathing and posture.

Art for Relaxation

Learning basic painting skills through simple exercises you will explore colour, painting techniques and the relaxing and expressive qualities of painting in a small, supported group, the perfect way to start and experience the joy and benefits of painting.


Learn to pay more attention to the way you move and hold yourself. You will carry out sequences of movements slowly and gently, exploring and developing your awareness of how these moves feel and in so doing, move with greater ease.

Tai Chi QiGong

We will introduce you to some basic tai chi QiGong sets of motions, each of which is a sequence of movements that flow smoothly from one into another. You will learn these sequences of slow flowing movements in addition with breathing exercises and meditation.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Each health and wellbeing activity is taught over three weeks, during which time you will be guided by your teacher and practise your new skills in a safe, calm and comfortable small group. We will provide the resources needed for the course and we will even be able to frame your artwork for you. You will gain the confidence to practise some of the movement sequences for yourself at home or anywhere you feel comfortable between classes and gain the health benefits and progress steadily.

How to Enrol

Before you enrol you need to come and meet our team, so we can assess your needs and ensure we have the right support in place for you. To book a meeting, please call 020 7258 4752 or email

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