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Supported Learning: Air Dry Clay Ceramics and Indoor Gardening

Course Details

Starts Dates:

  • 19/09/2023 (Course Code: SUPE0116AX)
  • 09/01/2024 (Course Code: SUPE0116BX)
  • 16/04/2024 (Course Code: SUPE0116CX)

Day:               Tuesdays
Times:           13.00-15.30
Duration:      10 weeks


Each term learners create pottery based on nature, culture and diversity awareness. We use Air Dry Clay and teach coiling and smoothing, pinching and the use of templates. Learners have created African and Aboriginal pieces and taken part in sustainability projects, creating colorful coral reef frames, while learning about global warming. Classes are customized to suit the creative ability of learners. You will learn to maintain houseplants, re-pot and propagate succulents and other beneficial plants and vegetables, all while learning about the health benefits of plants, the environment, biodiversity and recycling.


This Supported Learning course is aimed at learners with mild to moderate learning difficulties and or disabilities, aged 25 and over. No previous knowledge or qualifications are required. You will need an interview before enrolment can take place to ensure your needs can be met and supported appropriately for you to succeed. Please refer to Contact Information below.


Use air dry clay to develop skills and create pots using pinching, coiling and cardboard techniques. Develop decorative artistry using stamps, shape cutters, paper doyleys and other suitable materials Complete projects as your skills develop and discover the benefits of working with clay. Discover the benefits of house plants, how they help us in the home and working environment Learn and take part in effective repotting and care of plants. Develop safe and effective web searching skills for craft and project ideas. Develop self-confidence by showing and presenting your creations in small groups. Follow health and safety practices Enjoy and be inquisitive about using and exploring different clay techniques and plants to grow at home.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning takes place in a small group with support Practical activities will include growing and caring for indoor plants, exploring their benefits Learners will be guided to use Air Dry Clay and specialist equipment 1:1 and in very small groups Computers will be used to research ceramics and clay use, ideas and designs Demonstrations will be at a pace to suit all learners. Learners will share ideas and be supported by their teacher through individual projects Handouts and course materials and plants will be provided. All classes are supported by specialist Additional Learning Support staff and we ensure teaching is learner-centred and tailored to meet learners’ specific needs. Resources used within each lesson are available for learners on our online learning platform.


Assessment takes place in many ways and using a variety of fun and entertaining methods including having your work and creations put on display. You will be assessed throughout the stages of your projects and you will share your thoughts about your growing skills and knowledge with your teachers.

Next Steps

Each learner will spend time talking through their next steps and progression with their teacher. Following completion of your course, you will be able to develop your skills further on another of our Supported Learning courses if you are not ready for one of the many mainstream college courses.Your teacher will help you to explore all suitable options.

Additional Support


WM College is able to provide financial support for course fees, you may be eligible based on prior qualifications, if you are on a low income or benefits. For more information and to find out if you are eligible, view our Fees & Finance page or contact the Learner Services team via Live Chat or on 020 7255 4700.

Learning Support

Teachers are supported to ensure their materials are inclusive to meet all learners needs. Provision of assistive equipment is available and access support can be provided through reasonable adjustments, subject to an assessment by the ALS team and/or the Disability Officer. Digital Learning support is available in the Learning Centre at our Camden site. Careers advice and guidance is also available to all learners.

How to Enrol

For more information please contact the Learner Services Team via Live Chat or phone: 020 7255 4700 or email:

44 Crowndale Road
Tel: 020 7255 4700
7 Leighton Place
Tel: 020 7241 8572