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Printmaking: Drypoint and Chine Colle (Mixed Level)

Course Description

A 2-day workshop for those who want to focus on use of dry point and chine colle. The course is suitable for those who want to develop and finish their ongoing projects. Structured projects and exercises will introduce Beginners to the techniques, and will be able to complete their own personal project in the second class. Your tutor will support you with ideas, trouble shooting and offer technical expertise. Basic materials included and additional specialist paper available to buy.

Location: Kentish Town

Course Requirements

The course is unaccredited; you do not need any qualifications to join but just a willingness to learn. You are welcome if you have little or no experience of printmaking or have done some printmaking before but want to continue to develop your skills and improve further in this area.

The course is flexible and can take into account individual, as well as group needs and is also aimed to equip beginner and or more advanced practitioners in how to create and develop new intaglio printmaking skills with a focus on the magical qualities of drypoint and chine Colle printing

The course is suitable for those who want to develop news skills using drypoint and or and finish their current and on-going projects. Structured projects and exercises will introduce Beginners to the techniques, who will be able to complete their own personal project in the second class.

Course Content

In this very structured two-day workshop, you will be taught and you will learn how to create your own original intaglio drypoint and chine collee prints with the option to also create other original prints of your own choosing.

As part of the course programme, you will be shown and taught how to explore the magical properties of drypoint and chine Collee printing, through exploration and experimentation, trial and error to create finished original prints that you can keep and use for display in your home and or for developing and using as source material for art projects and or work.

Throughout the course you will be shown how to use and apply specialist printmaking equipment such as roulette wheels, needlepoint engraving techniques, as well as specialist printing techniques including chine collee.

The first day will focus on developing and creating your original drypoint etchings through drawing ideas, and plates (using plastic Perspex and or metal/ aluminium plates), then printing them through experimentation, trial and error using conventional and unconventional methods including how to then print them using the chine colle print method.

By the end of the course, you will have at least one complete original drypoint chine colle print to take away with you.

Teaching and Learning Methods

This course will be based and delivered in a specialist art and design studio workshop where you will be taught a range of specialist drypoint and chine colle techniques and exercises in either small groups and also through 1-1 demonstrations. Your tutor will also help you with development of ideas, practical skills and techniques and troubleshooting.

Discussion?and 1-2-1 tutorial support

Your tutor will ensure that you are supported at every stage and that you will be taught in a safe and supportive environment, (Supportive learning material including hand-outs will be available for any learner who needs and requires them).

There will be a group plenary ("show and tell") session at the end of each day.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Learner Services Team via Live Chat, phone on 020 7255 4700 or email

Additional Costs

All materials and equipment included.

WM College provides all the basic materials and equipment you will need to complete the course. Your tutor will advise you where you can buy materials or equipment to extend your study, should you wish. The college also provides additional financial support through the Discretionary Learner Support Fund (DLSF); however, eligibility criteria apply. Please refer to the DLSF policy, which can be found at the main reception.

Although most of the basic equipment is provided for this course you may need or want to buy additional and or specialist equipment. We have a small onsite shop where you can purchase further printmaking equipment of which your tutor will advise you of what you need to buy at the start of and during the course.

What you need to bring for the course that we do not provide: drawing equipment this should include pens, pencils, eraser, scissors, glue and coloured tissue.

At present we only stock the plastic drypoint plate and would recommend that your buy a small piece of aluminium drypoint plate you can purchase this form intaglio printmakers.

We have a limited number of roulette wheels so if you would like extensive individual use of this, we would also recommend that you buy this as well from somewhere such as intaglio printmakers.
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