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Introduction to Ceramics (Beginners)

Course Description

A 3-day introduction to Ceramics which will cover a range of hand building techniques; an introduction to the wheel and a range of decorating and finishing techniques. The course include basic materials and firing of work, but you will need to pay for your clay seperately - this is estimated at £10 depending on size of items.

Location: Camden

Course Requirements

This is a Beginners course, so no prior knowledge of ceramics is required. The basics of working with clay will be covered. Those with a little experience are welcome but should understand that demos will be aimed towards providing beginners with a solid foundation in fundamental ceramic techniques.

Course Content

The course will cover an exciting array of?handbuilding?techniques and?a basic introduction to the wheel. You will also have an introduction to the technical?qualities of ceramics and associated materials.??

By the end of the?course?you will:?


-Understand and have experimented with?and used a range of glazing mediums and learn the value of making your own test pieces?


-Have learnt and applied number of?decorative techniques including?scraffito, embedding?textures, slip?trailing, stamping?

and applying relief shapes and carving.


-Be able to throw or?be working towards wheel throwing a cylinder and know how to make and attach a handle for a?handbuilt?or thrown cylinder?

-Learnt the fundamental handbuilding techniques of pinching, coiling, slab building and hollowing and have experimented with these in vessels and/or sculpture. You will also receive demos on ceramic jewellery making and kirinuki.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Presentations and looking at relevant artists/makers using the Internet, PowerPoint, images and books, discussion?and 1-2-1 tutorial support?

All materials and equipment provided but clay will need to be paid for separately according to how much is used.
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