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Creative Craft: Fashion - Level 2

Course Description

This course will help to prepare you for employment in the fashion industry as a pattern cutter, garment tech or similar. You will develop skills such as designing, making patterns, sewing and fitting, so you can create garment specification sheets and illustrations to showcase your design work. Taught in our fashion studio, your tutors will share knowledge and skills honed as designers, pattern cutters and garment technicians. Includes written work, employability research and developing and submitting digital portfolios.

Location: Camden

Course Requirements

Previous experience and a strong interest for fashion, pattern cutting and garment making is required, you will ideally have completed the WMC Level 1 Award in Fashion, or similar. Entry onto the course is via an initial assessment and interview with portfolio or samples of your work. As there is a written element to the course, you will need to have evidence of a minimum of Level 1 English and maths, or higher. Be prepared to do at least 3-5 hours of homework a week, which includes visiting galleries and exhibitions, completing worksheets, writing up notes, filling and organising note/sketchbooks and doing research.

Course Content

During the course you will create a range of samples from block to design patterns, incorporating details like collars, closures and other specialist details; sewing examples from a variety of seam finishes to zips, pockets, cuffs, collars and facings, garment toiles and salesman samples. Additionally, you will analyse and evaluate your progress using a log/journal with reflections, written assignments, and workbooks. Your work will be collected in a digital portfolio for assessment, which can support job or university applications after completion of this certificate. This course covers the following 4 units: Use materials, tools, and equipment to develop craft techniques: You will explore different materials and develop an understanding of the visual and tactile qualities of them. Investigate creative enterprise and employment opportunities: You will research creative enterprises and understand what makes them successful. You will also explore employment opportunities, identify your own strengths and areas for development and devise an action plan to meet your career aspirations. Develop craft ideas: You will research and compare sources and contexts to inspire your Fashion project ideas. You will have to opportunity to present their ideas to others to gain feedback on which to adapt or improve your ideas. You will develop your ideas by researching, debating, and adapting before selecting and justifying your final choice. Create, present and evaluate final art and design item: You will plan, produce and evaluate your final Fashion project. You will have the opportunity to display your finished pieces in an appropriate way or setting for others to see. You will also evaluate the whole creative process and record any issues/challenges you faced and any areas for improvement.

Teaching and Learning Methods

The course consists of four units which will be taught in an active and student-centred way. Drawing instruction will give students practise in expressing design ideas on paper in the form of fashion illustrations and technical drawings. The design ideas will be translated into garments by students applying industry-relevant pattern cutting and sewing techniques to create toiles for fitting and toile samples with individual design details and professional finishes. Resources used within each lesson are available for learners on our online learning platform, Teams. In addition to the classes, you will be expected to complete patterns, design research, drawings and sewing work independently. Access to sufficient table space, equipment and a PC outside of the classroom is advantageous.


There is no exam or formal assessment for this course. However, you will complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which will outline the learning objectives for the course. You will also be invited to set your own goals. You will receive feedback against the achievement of these outcomes during the course from your tutor, and in written form at the end of the course.However, you will work with your tutor to identify your aims at the beginning of the session and will receive one to one feedback throughout as well as sharing outcomes at the end of the course.

Next Steps and Progression

Once you have completed the course, you may choose to enrol on a further term in this subject or another subject in the Creative Arts department. For Art and Design courses, once you have developed a portfolio of work, you could consider applying to the Accreditted courses including L1, L2 Fashion or Illustration, or L3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design as a pathway into higher education. Advice and Guidance for all further study is available from the Curriculum Manager by request.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Learner Services Team via Live Chat or on 020 7255 4700 or email

Additional Learning Support

Additional Learning Support (ALS) is available for this course. ALS is subject to an assessment with a trained member of staff and support may include one or more of the following: support in the classroom, out of class workshops such as English, ICT and maths and specialist support for dyslexia. Provision of assistive equipment is also available and access support can be provided through reasonable adjustments with our Disability Officer. Please let us know as soon as possible about your learning needs and/or disabilities so we can arrange support at the earliest opportunity. Teachers are supported to ensure their materials are inclusive to meet all learners needs. Digital Learning support is available in the Learning Centre at our Camden site. Careers advice and guidance is also available to all learners.

Additional Costs

WM College is able to provide financial support with course fees and you may be eligible based on prior qualifications, if you are on a low income or on benefits. For more information and to find out if you are eligible, go to the Fees & Finance page on our website or contact the Learner Services team via Live Chat or on 020 7255 4700.
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