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All our German courses are available for adults aged 19 on 31 August 2017 and over only.

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Daytime & Evening German Courses

Beginners German pt2 (A1)

Continue learning German and getting to know German culture on this evening course. You will further develop your vocabulary to hold simple conversations, asking and answering questions on a range of topics including daily routine, food and drinks, and hotel booking. On completion of this course, you can progress onto Beginners German pt3 (A1).

Beginners German pt3 (A1)

This course continues to introduce the German language and culture. You will expand your vocabulary to hold more in-depth conversations, and you will start using the past tense. On completion of this course, you can progress onto Elementary German pt1 (A2).

Elementary German pt2 (A2)

This course reinforces and extends grammar and vocabulary while recapping on previously learnt topics. You will expand your vocabulary to include some colloquial language. Special attention will be paid to exploring and comparing German culture. On completion of this course, you can progress onto Elementary German pt3 (A2).

Elementary German pt3 (A2)

Whether you are keen on travelling for holidays, work purposes, or you just wish to explore the German culture for personal development, this course you will further develop your speaking skills by engaging in topical discussions on several issues relevant to your needs.

German for Holidays (1 day intensive)

Planning for a holiday to a German speaking country? This course will teach you some simple phrases and vocabulary, so you can communicate in a variety of everyday situations while you are away.