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WM College Connects Through Creativity

Living in lockdown is all too familiar, and whilst we may have adapted, being fully immersed in a winter lockdown can be tough. The darker days and colder weather make it harder to find motivation and the repetitiveness of each day leads to brain fog and lethargy. 

That’s why at WM College we are finding ways to stay connected and keep minds active during this time. One of the best ways we’ve found to do this is getting creative. Anna Marlen Summers, Foundation Art & Design Course Leader explains “Having creative practices or skills in your life can help with lifelong wellbeing and emotional intelligence.”

Studies have shown that engaging in creative activities has a positive impact on not only your wellbeing, but overall health. Getting creative sharpens your senses, reducing the risk of illness and neurological diseases such as dementia and has also been shown to reduce depression and isolation. 

Stay Connected and Creative with WM College 

To help our community engage in creativity during this time we’ve devised several new online initiatives that are easy to get involved with at home, with little to no equipment required. From a place to share your existing creative endeavours to learning a brand new skill, there’s something to spark joy for everyone. 

Online Art Club

Whether you are a student or just starting your artistic journey, our weekly online art club is the perfect place to meet like-minded people to share and inspire lockdown creations. Facilitated by WM College’s painting tutor, Joseph Schneider, the course will take place on Zoom. All you need is internet access and a digital camera or webcam to take part. Join today. 

Digital Arts  

Develop your skills using Adobe Photoshop to create and edit images or gain experience of the main software used by graphic designers to create print and digital arts on Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Find out more

Drawing and Painting 

From absolute beginners to mixed media, our online drawing and painting courses are designed to challenge your experiences of drawing and reconnect with the age-old skill of expressing yourself through mark making. Find out more


Have you always wanted to express yourself with your clothes? Our 5-week online Garment Construction course teaches the fundamental principles of garment construction to equip you with the skills and knowledge to start making your very own clothing. Find out more  

Film and Video  

If you’re missing the excitement of the big screen and trips to the cinema, we’ve got some courses that might help. From Creative Screen Writing for Feature Films to Theory of Independent Cinema. Find out more.  


Learn to create your very own jewellery with our online zoom classes. You’ll be taught live step-by-step demonstrations that will enable you to complete a wearable piece during each session. Find out more.  


From contemporary portraiture to street photography, our online photography courses are a great way to build knowledge of using a camera as well as developing your own creative style. Find out more.  

Creative Writing 

The perfect way to stimulate your imagination and express yourself on paper. Our creative writing courses will help you develop your writing skills and find your own voice through written tasks. Find out more  


Music has been shown to develop stronger connectivity between the left and right side of the brain. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to pursue your musical passions. Find out more

Whatever medium you choose to express yourself and get creative with we’re here to help you pursue that passion. We’d love to see your lockdown creations, share them with us on InstagramFacebook or Twitter


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