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WM College Ceramics Tutor featured by BBC

Many of us are finding different ways to adjust and understand the events of the last 12 months. With extra time and emotions on our hands some have found that exploring creativity has been useful to process thoughts and feelings, spark joy, feel part of something and a good way to document the events of recent times. 

For our Creative Arts tutors, documenting the world through creativity comes naturally. During the pandemic our tutors have not only evolved teaching methods to deliver online classes but have provided encouragement and support to help our learners stay creative during lockdowns. 

Ceramics Tutor, Trish Spence, explored the words and language we’ve all heard during the past 12 months which have now become the norm in her hand-built memento vase titled ‘Lest we forget’. Not only was Trish’s creation a source of inspiration to her students but was also selected to feature on the BBC’s In pictures webpage and social media which showcases some of the best lockdown creations relating to the theme ‘I made this’ 

Speaking about her submission Trish said:  

“I made this ceramic vase during the first lockdown as a sample of sgraffito technique for my online students. ‘Lest we forget’ is covered in coronavirus-related words, with no repeats.” 

If you feel inspired to try something new and uncover your creativity why not take a look at our Creative Arts courses. Learn new skills from ceramics to bookbinding, courses are currently delivered online with studio-based classes available after Easter


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