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WM College Celebrates Open Exhibition and Lowes Dickinson Award

On Saturday 27 May WM College held its annual Lowes Dickinson Awards and Private View of ‘The OPEN Exhibition’.

Every year all creative arts learners have the chance to enter ‘The OPEN Exhibition’ which is judged by a panel of governors and senior staff. During the opening private view several awards are given for different artistic disciplines, with the overall winner receiving the Lowes Dickinson Medal and prize of £200. The Lowes Dickinson Award owes its name to one of the founders of WM College, who instituted the art scholarship prize in 1910.

This year’s winner of the Lowes Dickinson Award was Valerie Weiner for her sculpture, ‘Chameleon’. The judges were impressed by the level of detail Valerie achieved in this piece and commented:

 “It’s surprisingly realistic! The choice of mesh was inspired, the surface texture, folds and creases created by manipulating this relatively stiff material has replicated Chameleon skin wonderfully. His beaded, beady eyes gave us the sense that they are swivelling in their sockets and following you around the room!”

Brand new for 2023, the College also introduced the Sustainability Award in line with the commitment to become carbon neutral by 2023. The winner of this category was Zaki Elia for his found object piece ‘TheMariner’. On Zaki’s artwork the judges commented:

“Zaki’s piece was perfect for the Sustainability Award. He regularly raids our scraps bin, finding discarded objects in the basement both in and outside the Sculpture room. Witty, evocative of a sea farer with a porthole eye and immoveable puff of smoke, this piece made the judge’s smile.”

This annual event is a highlight in the WM College calendar, and this year exceeded expectations with over 130 entries of high-quality artwork. All successful submissions, are currently on display at The Ruskin Gallery, located at the heart of the College in the Ruskin Café until 17th July. Don’t miss the chance to purchase some original art with some of the pieces on sale!

We’d like to extend our congratulations to all the winners and our hard-working tutors, technicians and staff that support our learners on their creative journeys.

If you’re curious about creativity check out our Creative Arts courses, your work could be displayed next year!

Awards Winners

Overall Prize & Lowes Dickinson Medal

Valerie Weiner

Title of artwork: Chameleon

Ceramics Prize

Peter Buck

Title of artwork: Guardian

Sculpture Prize

Paul Howard

Title of artwork: Escape

Fashion, Textiles & Millinery Prize

Matilda Ball

Title of artwork: Decomposition

Glass Prize

Hassan Kazemy

Title of artwork: Twitter Sparrow

Jewellery & Silversmithing Prize

Iris Fernandes

Title of artwork: (untitled) Cat Box

2D- Drawing and Painting Prize

Jenny Thomson

Title of artwork: Palimpsest

2D- Drawing and Painting Prize

Izzy McBroom

Title of artwork: Generations

Printmaking Prize for Technical Excellence

Elvina John

Title of artwork: Path to Azet Village

Printmaking Prize

Kerry Sharpe

Title of artwork: Look Up

Judge’s Favourite

Felicity Field

Title of artwork: Jungfrau

Sustainability Prize

Zaki Elia

Title of artwork: The Mariner

Technical Excellence

Jane Jackson

Title of work: Poppy Seed Head

The ‘Ziya’ Prize

Wendy Arnot

Title of artwork: Grace

Witold’s Library Prize

Simeon & Joanne Piasecki

Title of artwork: The Framed Coq

Principal’s Prize

Susan Head

Title of artwork: 3 Harpies from a series

Chair of Governors Prize

Geoff Goss

Title of artwork: Looking out to Sea


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