Ex-Principal returns to unveiling at WMC – The Camden College

Ex-Principal returns to unveiling at WMC – The Camden College

After 16 years as Principal of WMC-The Camden College London, Satnam Gill returned to the College to the unveiling of a sculpture that was created by Ceramics student Rosh Keegan.

The sculpture was created as a leaving present to Satnam and captured the essence of how the students saw Satnam by honouring his outstanding commitment to the success of the college and its students.

The ‘bust’ was unveiled to an audience of past and present staff, students and governors and will take pride of place in the College’s beautiful Library alongside a range of other busts, displaying the historical value that WMC has given to students in and around the Camden area.

Rosh Keegan explains “It was a privilege and an honour to be asked to make the bust of ex principal at WMC Camden College London, Satnam Gill.

“The process was a tricky one as initially he was unaware of the commission and I found myself working from a stack of photocopies some dating back to his early years at WMC fifteen years prior.

“Apart from diligently familiarising myself with every aspect of his charming and jolly face I also became rather annoyingly obsessed with his huge array of ties, some frighteningly loud!

“I was eventually able to take measurements from Satnam himself and the bust then took a few months to make. I wanted it a little larger than life as it befits his character and I most wanted to capture his happy smiley persona.

“I am enormously proud to have presented Satnam with his bust, his reaction was heartfelt and I am so very happy to have been part of the process. He is an exceptional man, with wonderful attributes. He was a tremendous Principal and no doubt will go on to be the great man that he is as a Labour Councillor.”

Satnam Gill said “I feel very honoured that my legacy will still live on at WMC Camden College amongst the great other busts on display here. The sculpture is amazing and really does capture me very well. The silk tie that was added was great touch too, as I do like my silk ties, and the fact that this was added really does show how well my student knew me. My congratulations go to Rosh on creating this as its wonderful but also to the rest of students who have embraced adult education, which is not always an easy task. I hope WMC Camden College London continues to go from strength to strength as it really is a great place to come and learn new skills.”