Simon Fox


Student Profile: Simon Fox

Visual and Performing Arts: Etching

Simon originally joined the etching class before it came to WMC from Holmes Road. During all that time his teacher has been John Roberts.

“Etching is an exciting thing to do because there are so many possibilities.”

Simon Fox has always been an artist. He discovered etching at art school and got hooked. He has since amassed an enormous body of work displayed at his 40 year retrospective near his Ealing home in 2007. “There are so many different techniques that are possible. He explains that even using the same image several times can produce images that differ each time around. “The metal we use is zinc. I create my own designs on the metal—tricky as the image on the plate gets reversed when it goes to the press.”

As a teacher. “John is brilliant, aesthetically and technically. We are always learning new tricks and techniques.”

The classroom is a hive of activity as Simon’s fellow students roll and dab inks and pigments onto metal plates and negotiate a turn on the giant press, operative since the 1880s!

Simon shows me around the art room an says “The important thing about creating art is the doing of it. It’s about stimulating the mind. The image may be pretty but what’s important is what effect it has on someone else.”

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