Paola Franco


Student Profile: Paola Franco

Visual and Performing Arts: Ceramics

Paola Franco works for a pharmaceutical company in Buckinghamshire. She spends her days working out complicated statistical analysis and strategic marketing plans. She tells me it’s stressful and complex. No wonder then that she cannot wait to get to her evening class in ceramics at Working Men’s College.

“I come here to relax and work on my art and to free up my mind.” she says. “Working with clay I can express more of my personality than I can at work; it is something I have done and created myself. The class gives me the opportunity to create something over a period of time, with patience.”

And Paola certainly is patient. Her tutor taught her to create her first ever ceramic lidded jar. “You need passion to invest such time to create just one object hoping you will be satisfied with the result,” she says.

Paola found the course online and joined because she has an interest in art. Previously, she studied art history but wanted a hands-on course to express the more artistic side of her personality.

This is not Paola’s first course at WMC, however. She studied Photoshop earlier this year and wanted to come back for another creative course.

“The college is very organised with really easy access. The teachers are very good and very organised – they give a lot of choice and are well prepared. I also like the canteen and learning centre. I am certainly planning lots more courses here. Coming to Working Men’s College is an escape!”

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