Media and Photography Tutors

WMC Camden College North London

Iris Helfer, Media Tutor

I have been working in media internationally on numerous productions and in a variety of roles for more than 15 years.

A graduate of the UCLA Directing Masters Program, I wrote and directed a number of short films screened in festivals and winning awards internationally. Having a great passion for film education, I have been teaching production in Israel, US and the UK.

I joined WMC – The Camden College, London in early 2015 teaching the Film & Video Production and Video Editing Courses.

Paulina Czyz, Photography Tutor

While studying towards a Degree in Journalism at the Higher School of Journalism ‘Melchior Wankowicz’ in Warsaw, Paulina began working as a photographer and picture editor assistant for a National Newspaper. She decided to move to London and continue her photography studies at London College of Communication, University of Arts, where she obtained two graduate certificates in professional photography and digital photography. She then went on to do a diploma in teaching at East London College, before becoming a supportive teacher on the Foundation Degree photography course at City of Westminster College, where she taught digital and silver based photography.

She has 10 years experience in photography and the publishing industry, where she worked as picture researcher, picture editor and photographer for various publishing houses across London such as Think, Ink and Zone publishing. Paulina specializes in interior & architecture, fashion and still–life photography.

Commercially Paulina continues to work as a commissioned photographer for private clients, business establishments and independent fashion labels. She was also contributor to The Glass Magazine, where she shot at Paris Fashion Week. Her on-going personal work mixes fashion, architecture and fine art conventions, producing digital images representing surreal worlds.

Currently Paulina is teaching fashion photography on Fashion Access course at Morley College and fashion photography workshops at City Literary Institute. She also teaches Urban and Night Photography leisure courses at Bishopsgate Institute. She joined WMC-The Camden College in September 2015.

Paulina says: “Photography to me is like a return ticket to a place or to a person. Image making can take you to the world of your dreams and desires.”

“I my teaching, apart from technical know-how, camera-handling and picture-taking skills, I try to encourage students to master the most valuable piece of kit – your eyes. By setting small but specific tasks that develop to see more deeply.”

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