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Learner Success Awards 2021 – Streaming Now

We’re delighted to launch our ‘Learner Success Awards’ video which showcases the amazing achievements of our learners and staff this academic year.

We are delighted to be joined by special guest Sir Keir Starmer, who sends a special message to our winners and his ongoing support for the College.

Please click on the video and hear the heartwarming stories of our learners’ achievements.

The awards being proudly presented are:

Lowes Dickenson Awards

Lowes Dickenson was one the founders of WM College (an artist and painter himself) and introduced the first art scholarship prize to an art learner. Every February all creative art learners have the chance to enter ‘The OPEN Exhibition’ competition which is judged by a panel of governors and senior staff, the winner of this exhibition is awarded the Lowes Dickenson Award.

The winners:

Bradley Ottoway (Ceramics Prize)
Angeles Benito (Jewellery Prize)
Vanessa Stevens (Mixed Media Prize)
Zaki Elia (3D Prize)

Imen Bouchelaghem (Fashion & Textile Prize)
Niki Bywater (Millinery Prize)
Jaz Cox-Salmon (Foundation Prize)
Lola Bornat (2D Drawing and Painting Prize)

Wendy Arnot (2D Drawing and Painting Prize)
Lydia May (Printmaking Prize)
Grace Cronshaw (Judges Favourite Prize)

Jim O’Shea (Prize for Technical Excellence)
Mia Cacioppo-Cohen (Digital & Photography Prize)

Lisa Lang (Deputy – Principal’s Prize for Best Newcomer)
Cecelia Pantelli (The ZIYA Prize)  
Karen Garratt (Witold’s Library Prize)

Charles Bradley (Chair of Governor’s Prize)

Simone Lewis (Governor’s Prize)
Kusum Nelson Jones (Overall Winner)

Learner Nominated Tutor Award

This special award is nominated by our learners. It celebrates and acknowledges the hard work and commitment shown by our teaching staff and the difference they make to learners’ lives.

The winners:

Jo Aylmer      
Stanka Stoyanova

Tutor Nominated WM College Studentship Award

This award is nominated by our teaching staff and celebrates the resilience and determination shown by our learners, as well as their achievements.

The winners:

Bernadette Brown
Noel O’Shea

Community Partner of the Year Award

A new award for 2021 which celebrates the commitment and hard work of our community partners.

The winner:

Hillside Clubhouse

The Festival of Learning

A new award for 2021 which recognises the contributes made towards adult education from staff and learners.

The winners:

Christina Piga

Besim Gerguri

How WM College Changed My Life Award

This section of our award ceremony provides an opportunity for our learners to share their stories of how the College has changed their lives. Possibly our favourite section as we get to hear inspirational stories of building confidence, learning skills and personal development.

The winners:

Margaret Quinn                    
Mohamed Shalan Mohamed

Congratulations to all our winners we are very proud of you.


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