Jenni Gregory


Student Profile: Jenni Gregory

Visual and Performing Arts: Ceramics

Jenni Gregory had been a ceramics student at Working Men’s College for just two years when she won first prize in the Lowes Dickinson Art Competition and with such an accolade to her name, Jenni is inspired to continue to learn all she can about the medium.

“I’m investigating relief forms based on religious images,” she says. “I’m experimenting with embossing the surface of the ceramic using various textures like lace or string.”

She is also making a series of brooches from clay and experimenting with different colours; she aims to sell these at Spitalfields market and Candid Arts.

“Every time your work comes out of the kiln it’s a surprise because you don’t know how the colour is going to turn out. You’re taking a risk!”

Because Jenni is now in her third year of study, she has experienced a lot of changes around the college. “There’s been a massive process of regeneration,” she observes, “ Sometimes it’s been challenging during the rebuilding process but as a result the changes have produced top grade ceramic studios, glaze rooms and a kiln room. Because of these changes, a lot more students can work. The students here are so innovative and exciting. There are such diverse influences to people’s work; it’s so good to be in such a multicultural group.”

“My teacher is excellent . He demonstrates his expertise by showing us lots of different techniques. He teaches across the group differentiating to all individual student needs.”

Jenni’s next project is to go large and make a massive ceramic wall-relief. “It’s going to weigh a lot. Really a lot!”

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