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End of Year Exhibition for FAD Learners

On Thursday 22nd June 2023 WM College held the annual private view for the 2022/23 Foundation Art and Design Diploma(FAD) end of year exhibition. The exhibition is the finale of an explorative and exciting year for FAD learners.

The one-year UAL validated course provides learners with the opportunity to explore many different creative disciplines. During the final term learners hone their skills and choose an area of creative specialism for the final major project. Artworks created for the final major project are displayed in the end of year show, providing a great opportunity for learners to gain an understanding of how best to display their work, develop curatorial skills and learn promotional tactics. This year we’ve seen some incredible artworks produced from large scale installations to Islamic inspired paper sculptures to intricate illustrations and textile work.

During this Level 3 qualification learners are encouraged to explore ideas and processes that underpin professional practice in all the creative industries and build a strong portfolio of work. The course also develops learners’ creative practice ready for entry to university, art school, training, and employment.

WM College is very proud of the 2022/23 Foundation Art and Design Diploma cohort who are set to achieve great things in their creative futures. Below are just a few examples of what lies ahead for this year’s learners.

If you’re looking to explore your creative practice and jump start your career within the creative industries join us for our next Foundation Art and Design Diploma Talk & Tour on Wednesday 4 October 2023, 2-4 pm. More information can be found here.

Egle Grigaityte

Artwork: Evolution in Architecture | Future Plans: UWE Bristol – BA (hons) Interior Architecture

Elodie Soteriou 

Artwork: Altered Music Fest | Future Plans: Loughborough University – BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Elvy Charles Hurren 

Artwork: Repetitive Strain Injury | Future Plans: UAL Chelsea – BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design

Ema Howling

Artwork: Transcendence: Embracing the Evolution of Delf in Life’s Transformative Chapters | Future Plans: UAL Central Saint Martins – BA (hons) Textiles

Ernest Haddock

Artwork: Trail – Arena Inspired | Future Plans: Leeds University of Art – BA (hons) Animation

Gail Ferguson

Artwork: Smiling while Contemplating | Future Plans: The City Lit Fine Art

Greta Halili

Artwork: Echoes of Identity: Nature’s Verse, Islamic Patterns and Quranic Flora | Future Plans: Newcastle University – BA (hons) Architecture

Ines Aberdeen

Artwork: Hairy | Future Plans: Manchester Metropolitan University – BA (hons) Fine Art

Izzy McBroom

Artwork: Ode to the City | Future Plans: University of Edinburgh – BA (hons) Illustration

Joel Edmunds

Artwork: Romance of the Fragment Cards | Future Plans: Norwich University of Arts – BA (hons) Game Art & Design

Karolina Wojdyr

Artwork: Practical Living or Dream? | Future Plans: University of Hertfordshire – BA (hons) Architecture

Keira Evans

Artwork: Cassette Course | Future Plans: De Montfort University – BA (hons) Concept Art

Lara Saiz

Artwork: Sheddings | Future Plans: Manchester Metropolitan University – BA (hons) Fine Art

Lily Hine

Artwork: Dislocation | Future Plans: Manchester Metropolitan University – BA (hons) Fashion Art Direction

Metal Trafalgar

Artwork: Ode on a Plagerised Medicine Cabinet  | Future Plans: UAL Central Saint Martins – BA (hons) Fine Art

Natasha Edmundson Foot

Artwork: To Follow the Way of the Wimgansk | Future Plans: UAL Wimbledon – BA (Hons) Costume for Theatre & Screen

Susana Cerezuela

Artwork: Portal to the Afterlife | Future Plans: Middlesex University – Fine Art

Sofia Hall

Artwork: Bridie Horro | Future Plans: UAL Wimbledon – BA (hons) Costume for Theatre and Screen

Sebastian McLean

Artwork: Serpent Symphonies | Future Plans: Ravensbourne University – BA (hons) Graphic Design

Tenshi Nelson

Artwork: The Child’s Hoard | Future Plans: UAL Central Saint Martins – BA (hons) Fine Art

Yara Hassan

Artwork: Fashion in Virtual World | Future Plans: Middlesex University- BA (hons) Fashion


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