Diversity Day celebrations at WMC-The Camden College

Diversity Day celebrations at WMC-The Camden College

Date: Thursday 19 May 2016

Diversity Day Celebrations at WMC-The Camden College

Learners and staff at WMC-The Camden College recently celebrated Diversity Day with a mix of music and dance, plus displays from a wide range of countries and cultures. Learners also dressed up in their traditional costumes and took part in a parade in front of the crowd.

Mayor of Camden, Councillor Nadia Shah, joined in with the celebrations at WMC and took time out to speak to learners and staff whilst also reminiscing about her time as a student at WMC.

She said “It’s lovely to be invited back to my old College and see how much things have changed and progressed. Diversity Day is a great way to celebrate the different cultures in Camden and I’m delighted to be part of this exciting event at WMC-The Camden College.”

“The displays from all the countries at today’s event show how dynamic the demographics of the College are. Camden is such a great place to live and work as the diversity of its people makes Camden such a vibrant place.”

Helen Hammond, Principal of WMC-The Camden College, said “It was a fantastic day at the College and very pleasing to see our students so involved in celebrating their own heritage and also teaching others about their traditions. The dancing and music was lively and was enjoyed by everyone. The day provided an excellent opportunity to bring our community together and to deepen our understanding of the value of cultural diversity.”