Danyue Fu


Student Profile: Danyue Fu

Professional Programmes:Teaching Assistants Level 2


Danyue Fu came to the UK from China in 1995 because of her husband’s work. 12 years later, Danyue started training to be a teaching assistant as part of the Working Men’s College Teaching Assistant professional training.

“My strengths are in maths,” she says. “I have my own way of teaching the children. I am very motivated in my work and do things to a very high standard. If I feel confident with my English, and decide I have the ability to help in the classroom, I give one hundred percent.”

Danyue is very happy on her course, saying that her teacher Dilys delivers high quality teaching.

“The course is very beneficial for those who have young children. I have two children and what I have learned improves my parenting skills. You also learn about the education system in the UK. I now use what I’ve learned on the course to support my own children as well as those in the classroom. The more you do of this the more confident you feel as a parent. It opens your vision and it makes you work holistically.”

Danyue is a hardworking student but sometimes struggles with her written English. She visits the WMC Learning Centre regularly, using a computer to help her with coursework; she also gets support from her teacher and this keeps her focused.

The theory has been a challenge for Danyue but this has been brought to life by the work placement which she thoroughly enjoys. She is currently working one day a week with 5-6 year olds at St Mary and St Pancras School.

“Doing the placement brings the theory to life. I like the structure of the course because the practical gives you greater insight into the theory.”

Danyue cannot help but compare life in China with that in the UK. She talks about how she has more choices in the UK and she is able to make her own decisions.

“In my country adult education is not that important because of the strong work ethic. This is so beneficial for me. I love the adult education system here. I love to study. If I am motivated to learn, I can learn forever!”

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