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GCSE English and Maths

GCSE qualifications are nationally recognised by employers and by universities and colleges. If you need these essential qualifications to progress in work or into further education, we can help. Working Men’s College has a proven track record of excellent GCSE results that are significantly above the national average.

Who are these classes for?

Our GCSE English and Maths courses are designed for adults who prefer to study in an environment that is highly supportive and with other adults.

It is expected that you will study at least 5 hours a week outside class time to ensure success. You must be able to commit to coming to every class and completing independent or online study as required.

The first 12 weeks is a preparation course from September to December to give you the underpinning skills you will need for these exams and introduce you to the exam format.  This is followed by a course from January to June where you develop and apply those skills and learn effective exam techniques.

Where and when are the classes?

Classes are at our Camden site although you will also need to do independent study for a few hours every week in addition to coming to the college. Classes are available in the morning, afternoon, evening or Saturdays.

How do I enrol?

For both GCSE Maths and English you must take an assessment to ensure that you are ready for the challenges of GCSE. Even if you already have a GCSE grade 3 or grade D or a functional skills Level 2, you will still need to complete an assessment and will not automatically gain a place on our GCSE classes. Please register for an assessment by clicking on the subject you are interested in below:

English GCSE Initial Assessment

Maths GCSE Initial Assessment

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a link to an assessment that you should complete online.  After you have completed your assessment we will phone you to discuss what course is best for you.  We will then help you complete your enrolment online.

If you are not able to do an online assessment or enrol online, please contact Learner Services by email at or by telephone on: 020 7255 4700. We will try to help you register online, but if this is not possible, we will offer you an appointment to come in person to the college to do your assessment and enrol.

How much are the classes?

English and Maths GCSE classes are FREE to all learners (except overseas learners) who have not yet achieved a 4 (or grade C) or above at GCSE.

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Tel: 020 7255 4700
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Tel: 020 7241 8572