Woodcarving and Frame Making



All our Woodcarving and Picture Frame Making courses are available for adults aged 19 on 31 August 2018 and over only.

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Daytime and Evening Woodcarving and Picture Frame Making Courses at WMC-The Camden College

Picture Frame Making (Studio Practice)

Learn to make and design picture frames and mounts, from the basic to the more embellished. Basic materials and equipment provided. Your tutor will recommend suppliers where you will be able to purchase materials for your personal projects.

Wood Carving (Beginner/Intermediate)

This course has been designed for both beginners and intermediates alike and builds up skills from chip carving to low relief carving and how to carve in three dimensions. You will draw and cut your own designs, learn to make useful household objects such as bowls and spoons, and also learn to carve figures and small sculptures of your own design. We will look into sharpening techniques, timber identification, planning and carving shapes and finally learning surface finishes.

Wood Carving (Mixed Level)

This course will enable you to learn new skills, or refresh your existing carving techniques. More experienced learners can gain specific advice on skills and techniques that they want to develop further. You will learn to use a range of tools correctly and how to plan your own projects.