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All our Music Performance courses are available for adults aged 19 on 31 August 2019 and over only.

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Daytime & Evening Music Performance Courses at WMC-The Camden College, London

Accredited courses 

Music Level 1

This level 1 Music course focuses on the creation of original material and personal, artistic development through units in music performance and song writing. It will also feature digital composition and study skills. The course provides an opportunity to ‘get back into learning’ for individuals who want to re-evaluate their skills and qualifications in order to develop greater options for career development and further education.


Piano and Keyboard (Beginners)

This intensive course is suitable for absolute beginners and is taught using acoustic pianos and keyboards. You will learn basic piano techniques, including 5-finger patterns and chords, simple pieces, as well as music reading, through individual and group tuition and playing. In order to gain the most out of the course, we recommend 15 minutes of practice at least four times a week. You will be learning how to maintain good posture and take regular breaks during each class to avoid overuse injuries.

Piano and Keyboard (Mixed Level)

This intensive course is suitable for learners with some knowledge of keyboard and those returning to play piano with some ability to read music. The course is taught using acoustic pianos and keyboards and focuses upon one to one tuition. During the course, you will be learning and demonstrating independence of your hands and fingers whilst playing with sensitivity of touch. You will also develop an improved posture and coordination.



Classical and Acoustic Guitar (Beginners/Mixed Level)

On this course you will be introduced to the fundamentals of classical guitar technique. You will learn basic technical elements, simple classical guitar pieces and the music theory fundamentals. You will also play simple classical guitar pieces in ensemble.

Guitar Classical Orchestra (Intermediate/Mixed Level) 

On this course you will learn how to play in ensemble, guided by a conductor. You will improve your technical background learning new scales and arpeggios. You will learn extended techniques such as percussion on guitar and play simple classical pieces to enjoy together. You will also improve your rhythmic skills and music theory knowledge as well. Basic notation/sight reading skills are required for this course.

Guitar: Blues, Country and Jazz (Beginners/Mixed Level)

Blues, country and jazz are the roots of modern pop and rock music. On this course you will learn how to play basic chords, strumming techniques and riffs as well as some basic scales for use in soloing. You will learn how to play through the chords of a song and play in time with other musicians. The basics of music theory will be introduced.

Guitar: Blues, Country and Jazz (Mixed Level)

When you want to expand your guitar playing beyond the beginner stage this course is for you. You will learn songs that are a little more complex in their chord sequences, use of barre chords, country Flatpicking, blues licks and have an introduction to jazz chords, learning to play a jazz standard. We will begin to explore the fascinating world of how chords fit together to reach an understanding of the basis of all music theory.

Guitar: Blues, Country and Jazz (Higher Mixed Level)

On this course, you will explore the use of jazz chord shapes and inversions in the context of playing from chord charts as well as developing your blues and country-style rhythm and lead playing. There is further study of harmonised scales, modes and altered chords, towards an understanding of where chords come from and why they are as they are.



Drumming (Mixed Level)

On this course, you will be introduced to playing the drum kit, stick techniques including single and double stroke rolls, and paradiddles. You will learn to play key beats for pop, rock, reggae and jazz. If you want to play drums in a group then this is the course for you.

Drum Kit (Beginner/Mixed Level)

On this course you will be introduced to playing the drum kit, stick techniques including single and double stroke rolls, and paradiddles. You will learn to play key beats for pop, rock, reggae and jazz. If you want to play drums in a group then this is the course for you.

Latin Percussion (Beginners/Mixed Level)

On this course you will learn drumming techniques and rhythms from Cuba, Latin America and the African diaspora; Rumba, Salsa, Bantu, Arara, and Yoruba rhythms may be included. You will also learn to apply some of the rhythms to popular music. You will learn hand drumming techniques on congas and have the opportunity to gain experience with other instruments such as timbale, bata and bongo.


WMC Choir (Mixed Level)

We are starting a fun, friendly modern choir where you will sing, laugh, socialise and perform a range of uplifting songs. No experience or audition is required. The choir is for all ability levels and will help you to learn to sing in an ensemble. You can choose contemporary or traditional material and perform a role you are comfortable with. This could be singing the main tune or harmonising. The sessions will lead to public concerts that will help develop confidence and performance skills.

Jazz: Playing in a Band (Mixed Level)

On this course, you will join a band to learn a repertoire of jazz songs, with a view to honing your skills and working towards performing for audiences at WMC and beyond.

Popular Music Performance (Mixed Level)

If you are a musician or singer who wants to learn how to perform pop music in a group, this course is for you. You will be introduced to the knowledge and skills you will need to perform in a pop group. You will develop rehearsal and performance skills and learn about the language and etiquette of performance. You will be guided in developing a practical understanding of musicianship and performance. You will learn about the musical roles within an ensemble, and will also develop solo performance skills. Musical techniques will be developed as well the language of musical performance. This course requires pre-assessment. Interviews may take place in person or by phone.

Blues Ensemble (Mixed Level)

If you sing or play an instrument, come and join the blues ensemble at WMC. It will give you the opportunity to interact with other musicians and prepare you for public performance. Playing in the ensemble will help further your knowledge of a wide range of musical styles such as rock that have their roots in blues music. ‘I woke up this morning’ will never mean the same again!


Jazz Singing 1 (Beginners)

For the first time Jazz Singing is part of our curriculum at WMC.. Jazz gave birth to a totally new concept of voice being used as an instrument in which singers can express themselves by scatting around. This genre made famous some of the finest singers ever, from Frank Sinatra to Bobby McFerrin, from Billie Holyday to Rachelle Ferrell and on this course, you will discover more about their vocal abilities. Singers will be guided to a healthy vocal routine, technique and tips to enhance their singing through a variety of exercises. We will explore songs and vocal improvisation and hot to get ready to perform in a group and on your own. Jazz is fun, classy and rough, elegant and crazy, tender and harsh. And simply the perfect mix for singing. A great course to challenge yourself and bring your singing to a totally different place.

Singing 1: Find Your Own Voice (Beginners/Mixed Level)

If you like singing and want to explore performance, this is the course for you. You will be guided through a healthy vocal routine, and learn techniques and tips to enhance your singing through a variety of exercises. We will sing songs from different styles such as Pop, Rock, Blues, Art Song, Folk, Soul, and Jazz to find the genre that suits your voice. Get ready to perform in class as part of a group or solo. This course requires a little previous experience and it focuses on techniques. You need to be willing to learn from practising, discussing, reading, listening to others and performing.


Vocal Improvisation (Beginner / Mixed Level)

This course is for singers, songwriters and instrumentalists of all styles and abilities who want to explore new territory with their voices. The activities allow participants the freedom to develop their voices in a more creative way, instead of following traditional exercises like trying to match pitch or read music. They are all in a “follow-the-leader” format, creating a framework for generating and structuring ideas that will help you to discover your voice and improvisational style.

Becoming accustomed to group improvisation reduces the self-consciousness singers often feel when performing in front of one another. Additionally, this kind of group exercise encourages a sense of community, which vocalists thrive on.  So, if you are after a fun class, where you can nurture your creativity and explore the endless possibilities of your instrument this is the class for you. You will work in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment that will help develop confidence and reduce barriers to success such as stage fright and performance anxiety.

Singing: Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) 

This course is for singers of all levels. It will explore CCM styles for beginners but also help experienced singers refresh their knowledge on a variety of aspects of vocal performance. Alongside the basics of singing, you will be guided to develop a healthy vocal routine and technique, including tips to enhance your singing through a variety of exercises. As well as exploring singing technique, you will perform music from different styles such as Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Musical Theatre.

In this class, you are expected to learn songs at home, sing them in a group and on your own. You will be also invited to perform songs of your own choice and to provide the backing track for it. The course is based on technique, theory, group discussion, group practice, and group singing and it follow up-to-date practice in physiology and vocal pedagogy.

Singing: Learn the Basics

This course is tailored for those who love rock, pop and soul music. You will explore the relevant techniques and repertoires through fun, creative improvisation activities and work towards solo performance. This course will cover warm-up techniques, breathing exercises, microphone techniques and the use of rhythm, phrasing and expression. You will learn how to practice in order to improve your performance stamina, your intonation and your sense of style.

Musicianship and Music Theory 

Listening Skills and Music Theory

On this course, you will be introduced to acoustic guitar music skills building on your ability to play basic rudiments and techniques. You will learn fingerpicking technique, basic grooves by drumming the guitar, alternative tunings from the standard one and to play simple tunes in a contemporary acoustic style. You will be introduced to basic compositional process in order to create your own tunes. During the course you will discuss and analyse acoustic guitar music players in order to introduce you to the wide acoustic guitar styles.

Composition, Theory and Practice

This course provides a progression route for learners already taking song writing or Logic X classes. It also provides a stand-alone class for musicians, computer musicians and composers who want to communicate their music in recorded and written formats. Music theory and its relevance to song writing and scoring will be incorporated as will basic keyboard skills in order to help support a better understanding of notated music. All learning will take place in Logic X using its functions to interpret and develop original songs and ultimately create scores, lead sheets and other forms of written music. It will also be possible to create simple demos of your compositions so they can be communicated in recorded and written formats.

Song Writing (Beginner/Mixed Level)

Learn the first steps into becoming a successful songwriter by discovering and developing your songwriting skills on this brand new course. This course will give you the basic tools songwriters use to write beautifully crafted lyrics and melodies. It will also provide you with an understanding of the basic music theory commonly used in popular songwriting.

Music Production 

DJ Skills (Beginners/Mixed Level)

On this course you will be introduced to a range of recording, DJ and performance skills, with an emphasis on practical skills. There will be some discussion on the music industry and music theory. If you have an interest in the art of DJing, be it purely for pleasure or as a profession, this is the course for you.

Logic Pro X: Music Production (Beginners/Mixed Level)

If you like garage band you’ll love Logic Pro: the powerful, full-featured music application with all the tools you need to create professional-quality music productions. On this course you will learn how to record, arrange, and edit audio and MIDI regions, add high-quality effects, mix your music in stereo or surround, and export the final mix in a variety of formats for distribution. For everyone from part-time hobbyists to new and old musicians, composers and DJs who wish to use computer technology to record, create, produce and master their own music. If you have a passion for creating, writing or re-mixing all types of music, this is the course for you.

Logic X: Music Production for Everyone (Beginner /Mixed Level)

The world of music production is often considered to be an exclusive club that is hard to access. This course provides an opportunity to study music production in an inclusive environment, at a beginner level with an experienced teacher. Do you sing or rap and want to write your own backing tracks? Have you got a song you want to record or some lyrics you want to share with a guitarist, keyboard player or computer musician? Do you just want to learn how to create a drumbeat? This course will introduce you to a variety of production techniques enabling you to create music that you want to make in a supportive, inclusive environment.

Logic X: Sound Design and Moving Image for Music and Media (Mixed Level)

On this course, you will explore sound design techniques that will help you to improve your music production and give you insight into techniques that are used within the media industries for areas such as film and game. The course will explore areas such as synthesis, sampling, the use of SFX and how to manipulate audio pitch and time. It will also provide a comprehensive introduction to working with moving image in Logic X and help you understand how music and sound work in the media industries. To get the most out of the course, learners should have some familiarity with Logic X because the course will also look at more advanced concepts such as side-chain compression, helping you to get you up to date with a good cross-section of techniques used by Industry professionals. However, beginners are welcome.


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