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All our French courses are available for adults aged 19 on 31 August 2018 and over only.

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Daytime & Evening French courses at WMC-The Camden College

French Language and Culture NEW


Beginners French pt3 (A1)

This course continues to introduce the French language and culture. You will expand your vocabulary to hold more in-depth conversations, including use and understanding of past and future tense. On completion of this course, you can progress onto Elementary French pt1 (A2).

Elementary French pt3 (A2)

This lively communicative course is designed to develop your speaking skills by promoting discussions on several issues, for example health and well-being. You will also consolidate your grammar, with the introduction of the subjunctive and complex sentences. On completion of this course, you can progress onto Intermediate French pt1 (B1).


  • hi, I’m looking for beginners french pt 1, do you have any class for that? what time it is going to start?

    maryam Reply
    • HI we don’t have the beginners pt 1 running for term 3 only pt 3. The beginners will start in September again. Thanks

      Mandip Bilkhu Reply
  • HI, I am already on the beginners’ French course but cannot remember how to log in to the online learning. I am in France at the moment on holiday and have not brought the details with me. Could you remind me?

    Maya Allen-Taylor Reply
    • Hi, we can’t remind you about logging into iLearn over this. But i can tell you the steps to go through – its on iLearn: and you log in with your username and password which would be your learner ID and password you created or were given. Thanks

      Mandip Bilkhu Reply

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