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All our Ceramics and Glass courses are available for adults aged 19 on 31 August 2018 and over only.

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Daytime & Evening Ceramic Courses at WMC-The Camden College


Ceramics (Intermediate/Advanced)

Improve, develop and try exciting new ceramic skills. This course will cover hand building, throwing and a range of decorative techniques. Whether you follow the class project or develop your own ideas, the tutor will give you individual feedback and suggest new techniques to develop your skills and progress your work. You will also be introduced to the history and variety of world ceramic traditions and the tutor will keep you up to date about contemporary ceramics exhibitions and shows.

Ceramics (Studio Practice)

On this Studio course you will be supported and encouraged to explore and develop your own ideas, designs and practical skills in ceramics. You can expect to explore in depth the possibilities of functional forms in ceramics. You will develop a range of skills, including throwing, basic hand building, use of moulds, decorative technique and glazing. Please note there is a 30 minute lunch break from 12 – 12:30pm

Ceramics for Beginners (Beginner)

This is a structured course to develop basic skills and learn beginners’ techniques and processes. On this course you will be introduced to hand building techniques like pinching, coiling, slab work, use of moulds and some basic throwing on the wheel. You will also learn to apply glazes and slips for decorating. Lots of demonstrations and plenty of expert advice will give you a strong basis for further learning. It is recommended to enrol for a whole year where possible, to build your core skills comprehensively.

Ceramics Handbuilt Forms (Studio Practice)

This is an inspiring ceramics course concentrating on hand built ceramics and clay sculpture, designed to suit individual interests and talents. On this course you will be working on your own projects and/or a class project with the support of a specialist tutor. The course is particularly well suited to advanced learners wishing to develop their own ideas into an individualised body of work. You will get lots of encouragement, stimulation and assistance to achieve your goals.

Ceramics: Design and Make (Studio Practice)

Explore and experiment in a new discipline, such as throwing, or hone your hand-building techniques by trying sculpting or making work for installations. This course encourages research and sketchbook work, and developing your own individual, professional, ceramic design practice.

Ceramics: Skills and Project Development (Studio Practice)

This course provides an opportunity to develop your skills and projects with tutor guidance. Beginners will partake in a series of structured projects designed to introduce basic skills in making and decorating whilst producing a range of individual ceramic forms. Intermediate learners will focus on individual project development working on their own or set briefs. This will involve research and development of ideas.

Ceramics: Specialist Materials and Techniques (Studio Practice)

These studio courses will allow you to intensively explore a variety of exciting specialist materials and techniques. By the end of each term you will be able to produce a series of decorative, functional or sculptural forms. There will be an emphasis on creating technical examples and collecting images and ideas that will support your creative development. Each term will cover a specialist technique as follows.

Term C: Sculptural Ceramics

Creative Craft: Level 2 Ceramics

This structured, accredited course provides a thorough introduction to the fundamental skills required to become a practising ceramic artist. You will learn about designing, making and decorating techniques that will enable you to produce your own response to a set brief and begin to produce a portfolio of work. Practical work will evolve through a series of stages including research and the development of design ideas, through to the production of final ceramic outcomes. The course covers aspects of working in the Ceramics sector and will help you identify and work towards your personal and employment goals.

Make a Ceramic Tile Wall Mural

An exciting opportunity to spend time designing, making and decorating a ceramic title wall mural for an interior or exterior space. You may have a space in mind that you want to design for, or you may want to make a mural to give as a gift. This course will give you some history, as well as learning a range of practical techniques. All levels welcome.

Pottery (Beginners/Intermediate)

This course will introduce beginner and intermediate level learners to comprehensive hand building techniques and an opportunity to use the potter’s wheel. You will work in different clay body types and learn about kiln firing processes. You will also learn the techniques of applying coloured slip and glaze as a means of surface decoration. The work that you will produce will have a practical, or in some cases, a sculptural theme.

Pottery (Studio Practice)

This course is designed to build on your existing experiences by offering comprehensive strategies for improving your studio based work. The tutor will give guidance while providing strategies designed to stretch and challenge you as a maker. You can follow set class projects or work on self-initiated personal projects. The emphasis is on developing your creative potential.

Using Wire with Ceramics NEW

This course will introduce you to mixing wire and clay together. We will look at contemporary makers that combine these materials and explore some of the possible outcomes. You will experiment with and create small or medium objects and fire them inside a saggar. Amongst the materials we will use are stainless steel, nichrome wire, stoneware, paper clays, nails and cutlery, with firings at low and high temperature. The use of Egyptian Paste as a bonding element at the earthenware range will be covered. This course will not cover the glazing of work.

Daytime & Evening Glass Courses at WMC-The Camden College

Fused Glass Jewellery (Beginners/Intermediate)

This course will introduce you to a range of skills and techniques needed to create Fused Glass Jewellery. Your tutor will demonstrate techniques including kiln carving, glass collage, surface decoration, frits and stringer design, as well as powder and pattern techniques, to make exciting glass pieces. Learn how to attach jewellery findings (not supplied) to transform your fused glass into unique pieces of jewellery including pendants, brooches, bangles, earrings and rings.

Glass Art: Casting (Mixed Level) NEW

This course is an introduction to the art of glass casting. Glass casting has developed over the recent years crossing many creative fields from fine art to interior design. The course will teach the skills for open mould casting with an introduction to kiln formed glass within historical and contemporary contexts. Learners will learn about kiln forming, kiln temperatures and how to finish a cast glass piece. Materials will be provided.

Glass Art: Stained and Fused Glass Techniques and Projects (Mixed Level) NEW

On this course you will learn how to produce glass safely and how three dimensional and two dimensional glass is fabricated using different treatments. You will produce a piece of glass to take away and learn about some of the historical and contemporary contexts of cold-worked glass. During the course you will receive tutor guidance to pursue your own personal projects. Set class projects will also be available as learners become more advanced.