Music Level 1

Course Description

The single term L1 Award in Music focuses on the creation of original material and personal, artistic development through units in music performance and song writing. It will also feature digital composition and study skills. The course provides an opportunity to 'get back into learning' for individuals who want to re-evaluate their skills and qualifications in order to develop greater options for career development and further education.

Location: Online/Camden

Course Content

The course will focus upon music performance and / or on ? stage technical support depending upon your experience and confidence.

This will be supplemented by learning about song writing and putting this knowledge to practical use through digital composition. You can also perform your songs live.

The final part of the course involves developing your study skills and helping to build your confidence with the written and research aspects of learning.

Teaching and Learning Methods

You will learn through:

? Practical music making activities
? Group exercises and peer assessment
? Listening and analysis
? Demonstration and discussion
? Use of supporting online materials (Google Classroom)
? Individual practice
? Use of ILT (computers)
? Continuous assessment

Independent Learning

To complete the course outcomes and assessments you should be prepared to do at least 3-5 hours of homework a week and work independently to complete worksheets, write up notes, complete research and practice the practical elements of the course


You will be continually assessed through your practical activities and will receive feedback in a variety of ways e.g. peer assessment, verbal and written feedback from your teacher.

You will also receive specific feedback relating to formal assignments that are both written and practical.

Qualification you will achieve

On completion of this course you will achieve a L1 Award in Skills for Professions in Creative and Digital Industries.

The awarding body is OCNLR (Open College Network, London Region).

Next Steps and Progression

For more information please contact the Learner Services Team on: 020 7255 4700 or email:

Additional Information

For more information please contact the Learner Services Team on: 020 7255 4700 or email:

Additional Learning Support

Additional Learning Support (ALS) is available for this course. ALS is subject to an assessment with a trained member of staff and support may include one or more of the following: support in the classroom, out of class workshops such as literacy, ICT and maths and specialist support for dyslexia. Provision of assistive equipment is also available and access support can be provided through reasonable adjustments with our Disability Officer. Teachers are supported to ensure their materials are inclusive to meet all learners needs. Digital Learning support is available in the Learning Centre at our Camden site. Careers advice and guidance is also available to all learners.

Additional Costs

WM College provides financial support for some course fees, which is based on an eligibility criteria. For more information, please contact a member of the Learner Services team at the main reception.
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