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Essential Digital Skills - Level 1

Course Description

Further develop your essential digital skills needed for work, further study, or personal life on this accredited course. You will learn how to process numerical data using spreadsheets and how to tailor your documents to a particular audience. You will improve your editing techniques, as well as your ability to transact and be safe and responsible online.

Location: Camden

Course Requirements

You should have first completed Essential Digital Skills Qualification Entry 3 course or be assessed as having achieved an equivalent level by our specialist staff. You should choose this level if you are already able to install apps and find information on the internet, you know how to save pictures and videos online, but you want to take your digital media and data skills to the next level. Literacy and numeracy skills at a minimum of Entry Level 3 is required.

Course Content

This course will develop your technical skills in five skills areas: Using Devices and Handling Information; Creating and Editing; Communication; Transacting; Being Safe and Responsible Online. You will use a range of devices and software to create digital content, such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. You will pay particular interest to the groups of people these files are aimed at. In addition, you will also capture photos, videos, and sound files whilst using image enhancement techniques. You will change and update system settings to make them effective and accessible to a wide- range of audiences. You will become familiar with online transactional services: shops, banks and other services, also helping you to make good, informed choices in terms of choosing certain retailers for purchasing products and services (financial and tax services etc). You will also use appropriate techniques to carry out and refine internet searches with an emphasis on relevance and reliability of sources whilst learning how to be safe and responsible online.

Teaching and Learning Methods

The course will be delivered using a range of teaching and learning methods which include demonstrations, video tutorials, independent work online from home and homework. Learning will take place mainly onsite (in the classroom) and also online (from home). In addition to the classes, you will be expected to devote about two hours each week to practising the digital skills that are learnt in class. This homework will strengthen your understanding and improve your skills.


Assessment is continuous and takes place throughout the programme by a variety of methods. To achieve the qualification, you will sit two final assessments (task-based assessment and question paper). On completion of this course, you will achieve the Level 1 in Essential Digital Skills. This is a nationally recognised qualification. The awarding body is Pearson Edexcel.

Next Steps and Progression

Following successful completion of your course you can progress to the next level of any related Business and ICT courses, or employment.

Additional Information

For more information please contact the Learner Services Team via Live Chat or on: 020 7255 4700 or email:

Additional Learning Support

Additional Learning Support (ALS) is available for this course. ALS is subject to an assessment with a trained member of staff and support may include one or more of the following: support in the classroom, out of class workshops such as English, ICT and maths and specialist support for dyslexia. Provision of assistive equipment is also available and access support can be provided through reasonable adjustments with our Disability Officer. Please let us know as soon as possible about your learning needs and/or disabilities so we can arrange support at the earliest opportunity. Teachers are supported to ensure their materials are inclusive to meet all learners needs. Digital Learning support is available in the Learning Centre at our Camden site. Careers advice and guidance is also available to all learners.

Additional Costs

WM College is able to provide financial support with course fees and you may be eligible based on prior qualifications, if you are on a low income or on benefits. For more information and to find out if you are eligible, go to the Fees & Finance page on our website or contact the Learner Services team via Live Chat or on 020 7255 4700.
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