Constructed Textile: Knit, Weave and Tapestry

Course Description

This course will introduce you to a range of exciting ways to construct your own fabrics using a range of constructed textile techniques like Knit and Weave including Tapestry weave. You will also explore ways of using different yarns and creating your own yarn from fabric strips. The tutor will guide you through step by step helping you to develop your own personal ideas that you can carry on with at home on your own improvised card looms.

Location: Camden

Course Content

Over the five weeks you will be building up your skills covering specific techniques and by starting with basic knit practice. You will explore yarns and different ways of creating knitted fabric using a range of needle sizes and weights of yarn.
Moving on to weave you will explore ways of creating warps and how to create beautiful patterns with a variety of weft material including recycled yarns and fabrics.

Teaching and Learning Methods

The first session will involve the tutor assessing your skills and personal goals.

The course is taught through a series of demonstrations and workshops. You will be working at your own pace and given clear guidance for each technique.

Resources used within each lesson are available for learners on our online learning platform, iLearn.

Independent Learning

There is no homework but in order for you to get the most out of the course the tutor will be helping you to build up a Contextual understanding of the subject by introducing you to online resources that will allow you to see how current practitioners use the technique we will be covering.In addition to the classes you will be expected to keep a notebook/sketchbook documenting your process and Contextual research.


There is no exam or formal assessment for this course . However you will work with your tutor to identify your aims at the beginning of the sessions and you will receive one to one feedback throughout as well as group crits sharing with other learners.

Qualification you will achieve

There is no formal qualification attached to this course but you can receive a Certificate of Completion from the college on request.

Next Steps and Progression

For more information please contact the Learner Services Team on: 020 7255 4700 or email:

Additional Information

For more information please contact the Learner Services Team on: 020 7255 4700 or email:

Additional Learning Support

Teachers are supported to ensure their materials are inclusive to meet all learners needs. Provision of assistive equipment is available and access support can be provided through reasonable adjustments, subject to an assessment by the ALS team and/or the Disability Officer. Digital Learning support is available in the Learning Centre at our Camden site. Careers advice and guidance is also available to all learners.

Additional Costs

WM College provides financial support for some course fees, which is based on an eligibility criteria. For more information please contact a member of the Learner Services team at the main reception.
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