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Casting with Silcone Moulds: Resin, Jesmonite, Plaster (Mixed Level)

Course Description

A 3-day workshop for learners of all levels who want to learn about and focus on casting using silicone moulds. We will be casting in resin, jesmonite and plaster. The tutor will demonstrate the technique and you will then be able to cast own object if you choose. Please bring an object with you for the second class - your tutor will advise. All materials provided.

Location: Camden

Course Requirements

All levels welcome.

Course Content

The course will look at different moulding and casting techniques, from one-part moulds to more complex processes such as two-part, two-part supported and gel coat. We will look the advantages and limitations of silicone as a mould making material, how to assess the right moulding techniques for your piece and some tips on working with resin, jesmonite and plaster, including colouring, some simple pouring and patterning techniques and finishing.

Students will start by sculpting a piece in polymer clay to create a one-part mould and will cast from that mould in resin, jesmonite and plaster. We will then look at making a two-part mould from an object either made in the class or brought in by the learner. If students attend all sessions, they can expect to cast from their two-part mould in the last lesson.

Please note that we only use opaque resin, however learners will leave with their own one- and two-part moulds to continue casting at home.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Presentations and looking at relevant artists/ makers using the internet, PowerPoint, images and books.

Discussion?and 1-2-1 tutorial support?

All materials and equipment provided, but limited due to the price of the material. Students wishing to work on a larger scale will be advised on where to purchase extra materials to complete their project.
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