Community Projects

WMC Camden College North London

What is Get into Learning!?

‘Get into Learning!’ is a college community project delivered in local community centres, schools and venues by our highly skilled, experienced and qualified tutors. These fun, short, informative workshops and courses are FREE for Camden Residents over 19 to learn new skills, improve confidence and English, meet new friends and save money. They may even entice you to enrol on a course in the college!

Come and join us to learn and enjoy.

Get into Learning! Contact or call: 020 7255 4700 and ask to speak to Sankeetha.

What’s coming up: Click here for the 2019/2020 course guide.

What do we do?

There are a mixture of creative courses and workshops alongside ICT, Everyday English and Maths with new courses are being added all the time:

REGISTER Printmaking The Living Centre 2/9/2019 Mon 10:00 14:00
REGISTER Origami The Living Centre 4/9/2019 Wed 10:00 15:00


Get Creative with Clay

St Michael’s School







Get Creative with Clay

Our Lady’s School






REGISTER Painting and Drawing The Living Centre 21/08/2019 Wed 10:00 14:00
REGISTER Crochet FlowerLoom The Living Centre 23/08/2019 Fri 10:00 13:00
REGISTER Flower Arranging The Living Centre 27/08/2019 Tues 10:00 14:00
REGISTER Making Soap Baskets The Living Centre 30/08/2019 Fri 10:00 13:00


REGISTER Jewellery making The Living Centre 23/7/2019 Tues 10:00 13:00
REGISTER Glass painting The Living Centre 26/7/2019 Fri 10:00 14:00
REGISTER Glass painting The Living Centre 24/7/2019 Wed 10:00 14:00
REGISTER Flower arranging The Living Centre 25/7/2019 Thu 10:00 13:00
REGISTER Crochet The Living Centre 22/7/2019 Mon 10:00 13:00
GIL8596 Camden Mela Coram’s Fields 21/7/2019 Sun 11:00 18:00
GIL8601 Summer festival SPH , Plender street 20/7/2019 Sat 11:00 15:00
REGISTER Hand Embroidery The Living Centre 19/7/2019 Fri 10:00 13:00
GIL8615 Flower arranging The Living Centre 18/7/2019 Th 10:00 13:00
GIL8616 Introduction to arts and crafts Queen’s Crescent library 17/7/2019 Wed 15:00 17:00
GIL8617 Printmaking (Lisa M to confirm) The Living Centre 15/7/2019 M 10:00 14:00
GIL8598 Summer Festival Maiden Lane 14/7/2019 Sun 12:00 17:30
Gil8618 Somers Town Festival Somers Town 13/7/2019 Sat 12:30 18:30
Gil8636 Flower Arranging Irish Centre – Kennedy Hall 18/7/2019 Th 13:30 16:00
GIL8619 Summer fun workshops Swiss Cottage library 12/7/2019 Fri 11:00 15:00
GIL8602 Jester festival Fortune Green NW6 7/7/2019 Sat and Sun 12:00 18:00
GIL8597 Summer event ( Henna and pompom-making) Carlton School 5/7/2019 F 15:00 17:00

Who are we?

The ‘Get into Learning!’ team are qualified teachers with a wide experience of teaching both in college and the community. They are approachable, helpful and knowledgeable as well as being part of the local community themsleves. Many of the team speak Bengali, Somali, Urdu and French as well as English and are passionate about helping you start your own business, develop your life and work skills, return to learning or just be creative. The courses are run in safe and familiar spaces and have been very well received with some fantastic feedback.

Come and join us to learn and enjoy!