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Our Commitment

At WM College we take sustainability and climate change seriously. We believe as an educational institution we have a responsibility to educate ourselves and our learners about the importance of the green agenda. As part of this commitment, the College is working towards becoming carbon neutral and have signed up to the Mayor of London’s ‘reaching net zero by 2030‘ pledge.

Our Actions

Sustainability takes many forms, some of which are challenging to implement due to the age of our buildings. However, over the last few years we have invested in making updates which will lead to better energy conservation, such as secondary window glazing and installing a low energy air quality system.

In 2022 the College commissioned an external review so that we could better understand where improvements could be made in terms of recycling, biodiversity, raising awareness and being inclusive. To ensure these actions were met we formed a working group made up of staff and learners called the ‘Green Group’. Various projects have been discussed and are now taking form such as new recycle bins in all offices, reduction in paper, creating an art materials share corner, and renovating the outdoor garden spaces.

We have also joined the EAUC Group , the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education whose mission it is to lead and empower the post-16 education sector to make sustainability ‘just good business’.

EAUC Group Certificate

Spreading the Word

Part of our commitment is to raise awareness within our community and the wider world. In 2021, we were thrilled to announce that WM College  Film and Video Production student, Ana Rojas, had her films selected to be showcased at the COP26 event.

Using the new skills learnt at WM College, Ana set out to communicate the importance of protecting tropical forests through short films for activist group Amazon Rebellion. Read the full story here.

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