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All our Drawing and Painting courses are available for adults aged 19 on 31 August 2017 and over only.

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Daytime & Evening Drawing and Painting Courses

Calligraphy – one day taster course on 25 May and 29 June

Take up a pen and make your mark during this one day taster! Learn about the history, materials and techniques of Calligraphy while trying out a range of calligraphy tools.
We’ll look at traditional and modern Calligraphy practise and explore how different tools or papers will influence your letters. You’ll get an insight into contemporary practise of Calligraphy, have a personal experience of writing with different Calligraphy tools and will make a card or a name tag to take home.

Creative Arts: Painting, Drawing & Mixed-Media 

This Level 2 certificated course is an exciting opportunity to develop your visual arts practice through personalised portfolio projects. The course starts with an extensive exploration of media and materials through drawing, and then leads in to thematic development of personal projects in a professional context. The course culminates in an exhibition organised by the group.

Botanical Drawing & Painting (Mixed Level)

On this course you will take inspiration from natural forms, develop technical skills of drawing, painting, colour mixing and tonal judgement and explore free ways to interpret the natural world thorough different media. Sessions may include drawing, watercolour, oil painting, acrylic painting, printmaking and ink.

Check out some lovely examples of work from the botanical painting and drawing class with Tutor Sophie Kemp.

Contemporary Drawing and Painting – with Visits

This course will get you out to some of the many free contemporary art exhibitions in London, with alternate weeks in the studio developing your own art projects. These need not be directly inspired by what you see, but informed by a broader understanding of the contemporary context.

Drawing & Painting in the Art Room and Beyond with Visits (Mixed Level)

You will spend alternate weeks drawing and painting in the studio, and in visually interesting publicly accessible buildings and spaces around London.
You will draw ‘in the real world’ and explore ways to develop your drawings and painting into personal projects using a variety of approaches and supported by an experienced tutor.

Drawing Skills & Techniques (Mixed Level)

This course is the course for you if you are wanting to learn to draw or improve your drawing skills.

You will be taught a range of different drawing techniques and materials and have the opportunity to develop your skills. Topics covered include mark making, perspective, observational still life, portraiture, and landscape.

Life Drawing (Mixed Level)

This course is an excellent opportunity to develop good observational skills in drawing from a life model, representing the figure in line, tone, light and shadow.
You will develop and extend different techniques using a variety of art materials (beginners and advanced) and you will be shown examples from artist works to inspire and support your learning. You will work alongside others in a mutually supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Observational Painting (Mixed Level)

On this course you will be introduced to the basic principles and methods of painting and use of colour. It will help improve your work and confidence in the company of other people.
This course is for those who want to learn some basic principles to start painting and begin to develop their skills. Taught in a supportive studio environment, you will be guided through fundamental ideas and methods of painting; how to mix and apply colours; begin to describe a range of subjects and start to develop your own ideas.

Watercolour Skills & Techniques (Mixed Level) 

This course is a very good first point for discovering the art of using watercolours in both traditional and none traditional ways. You will explore different ways of painting and drawing through using water based media on paper, critically looking at various ideas and concepts that are used to create still life images, landscapes and general sceneries both observed and imagined.

Still undecided? Take a look at some of the work from our past learners here: watercolour learner work

Imagination in Art (Mixed Level)  

Using your imagination as your guide and taking inspiration from artists like Chagall, Nolde, Peter Doig, you will be invited to produce images and forms inspired by your own mind.
In the class we will experiment with various 2D and 3D techniques that can be used to really allow your expressive self to emerge in visual form.
You will have the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively from a variety of starting points, ranging from music to meditation.

Life Drawing (Studio Practice)

The course will cover all fundamental life-drawing principles. These will centre around three main areas: the bone structure of the body, the building of the body’s form and the placing of the form in space.

These areas will be explored by observing the nude figure, the clothed figure, the figure in action and the portrait. Further understanding will be underpinned by frequent visual references made to relevant periods in art history.

Saturday Oil Painting (Mixed Level)

On this course you will learn the essentials of oil painting – how to manage the palette, control colour blending, what mediums to use to alter the handling qualities of the paint, and useful techniques such as glazing, couching, tonking, and bistre.

Saturday Portraiture (Mixed Level)

Working with the life model the group will be introduced to two different methods of portraiture – drawing using the key proportions of the face and painting with acrylics to achieve a modelled, tonal effect. Reference will be made to Rembrandt’s portraits.

Saturday Principles of Colour (Mixed Level)

On this course you will get hands-on experience of applying the principles of colour to painting. Colour theory will be discussed however the emphasis of the course will be practical. You will learn to make the most of colour, achieve colour harmonies and use neutral colours as well as bright colours.

Saturday Watercolour (Mixed Level)

This course is a very good first point for discovering the art of using watercolours. You will explore different ways of painting and drawing through using water based media on paper, critically looking at various ideas and concepts that are used to create still life’s, landscapes and general sceneries.