WMC Camden College North London

Our Resources

WMC Camden College London has first rate learning resources including:

  • An excellent Library
  • An Open Access Learning Centre
  • A Computer Learning Centre

Our standard of support and care

We are committed to ensuring that all our students recognise their own potential. The WMC Camden College London Equal Opportunities Policy ensures that we offer opportunities for all.

For those with learning difficulties or physical disabilities, additional support is given, subject to availability of funds.

If you have a learning difficulty or physical disability, you should ask for a consultation with a member of Student Support. They will develop a learning support plan for you that will also identify your access needs in terms of College facilities.

Our College promise

We promise to support you and give you as much help as we can in order to help you to achieve you goals, within the constrains of available funds. If at anytime you are dissatisfied with the quality of the experience, you should tell us. The College complaints procedure is explained in the Student Handbook.

So easy to get to

WMC Camden College London is 5 minutes from Mornington Crescent tube station, and on more than 10 bus routes.