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Student Profile: Shukrie Shire

Skills for Life: Literacy Train to Gain

Shukrie Shire had been keen to sign up to an English class at Working Men’s College for some time, but due to work commitments, she was unable to attend. However, a chance arose for Shurkie when WMC came instead to her workplace at Swiss Cottage School, to teach Literacy through the Train to Gain programme. Train to Gain aims to professionalize people at work and give them the skills and qualifications necessary to carry out their jobs as effectively as possible and advance in the workplace.

Shukrie has worked at the school since 2002 as a translator and a Teaching Assistant. At present, her teaching involves one-to-one work with young children who have special needs. In order to address the children’s specific learning styles, she uses pictures and sound to teach.

English. “I want to speak really good English!” she says, “I have to think what I am trying to say before I say it - I have to ’double think’ and this takes time.” She goes onto talk about the differences between her mother tongue, Somalian and English. “In Somalian you sometimes have the verb at the end. So I have to translate in my head before I speak. The most useful thing I am learning in class is grammar; especially work on verb tenses and subject verb agreement. Sometimes I can’t get the words out!”

Because Shukrie understands the learning styles and needs of her own students, she is all the more appreciative that WMC teaching staff work in a similar manner, using differentiation to address individual leaning . “I am glad to have my teacher. She understands what level I am at . She gives us flexibility and the choices are so good!”


Current Occupation:

Translator and a Teaching Assistant


Skills for Life: Literacy Train to Gain

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