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Student Profile: Princess Gayle

Employability Programmes: Starting a Business Venture

Princess Gayle is a poet whose simple verses can make you catch your breath. And these are verses that you could own.

Since January, Princess has been a student of Starting a Business Venture, a vocational course run by Working Men’s College. She and her class mates meet twice weekly at the Highgate Newtown Community Centre to learn business basics. Princess has come a long way since her first lesson. Her business venture is called Treasure of Love Promotions, and she is selling the words of love for those of us who find it difficult to express them. So how did Princess come up with her business name? “I enjoy writing about love in terms of a theme. It has to be emotional - so why not go with the biggest emotion – love!”

“The course has been enlightening,” she says. “I’ve always been creative but it has helped me to formalize and structure that creativity – like making a hobby into a profession.”

“My tutor has also helped me to identify that my writing skills are a saleable commodity. It’s made me sit down and think okay, what is my aim? What is it in my personality that I want to communicate to potential customers? I’ve got a passion for writing and I want to translate that passion into a workable business structure.” As part of the course, students are asked to give presentations to potential stakeholders and this has helped Princess to come to terms with making her business idea real. “Being on the course makes me feel more motivated. It’s not necessarily about making money – my family want me to feel motivated and not just stay at home and hide my ideas.”

With only a few sessions left on Starting a Business Venture and much coursework yet to do, Princess is in no doubt that the course has boosted her confidence and helped her to structure her ideas. She says “I’ve developed an ability to clarify my direction and where I need to be in the future.”



Employability Programmes: Starting a Business Venture

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