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Student Profile: Giuseppe Laconis

Professional Programmes: Skills for jobs

Originally born in Naples, Giuseppe Iaconis joined Working Men’s College Skills for Jobs programme in April. An expert in customer care from a career in the fashion industry, Giuseppe was attracted to the SIA training offered as part of the programme, in the hope of working as a security guard.

“I was motivated to do this course because I needed to open my way in the job market and expand my opportunities. The SIA training is very interesting and because I have a lot of customer care experience, I understand the theory and the practice – it makes sense to me. I could see myself working in security within retail or in an office building because it is safe and you have a lot of responsibilities.”

But SIA training is only one aspect of the Skills for Jobs programme. “Two weeks before I started the course, I tried to write a covering letter for a job and I was too scared, so I ended up asking my girlfriend to write it for me! Now I’ve been to the classes I am learning new words to do with work; it’s a big help and I am very happy. I have now learned how to write a covering letter and I understand now how to construct a CV. In fact, now I am actually teaching my girlfriend how to write her CV! I feel much surer of myself.”

As well as learning new skills, Giuseppe feels he has also improved his pronunciation and his vocabulary. This is an added bonus to him because he also attends an English course at WMC.

“Working Men’s College is very good, with very helpful teachers. The service in the whole college is high quality and always kept so clean! I notice things like good maintenance - it is an important thing that shows how well an organisation is working. I notice all the details!”



Professional Programmes: Skills for jobs

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