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Campaign for Adult Education

Campaign for Adult Education - Time for action now

You will all be aware of the determination of the Government to reduce the budget deficit. Most people understand that cuts are needed. But at the moment the Treasury are not as convinced as we are about the value of adult education and there is a very real risk that colleges such as WMC will face a massive and disproportionate reduction in Government funding. At present 70% of our income comes from the Government - major reductions will jeopardise our whole future and certainly would result in very large fee increases. It is difficult to argue for no cuts, but we must do everything possible to present the strongest possible case for equitable treatment so that we can continue to provide a wide range of affordable courses for you.

How can you help?

Your voice is vital, so please help us by writing to your local MP. The more correspondence they get the stronger our case will be. Please see the attached link which is an example of the letter that you could send.  You will need to  the name and address for your MP and your own name and address.  But the more personal you make your letter, the more impact it is likely to have. You might want to add how adult education has been important to you personally and how it has benefited you - eg help into employment, learn English, re-skilling for new job opportunities, increased your confidence, opened up new opportunities, renewed your interest in education, part of our cultural heritage, health reasons, social interaction, supported a passion or interest that motivates and inspires you.

You may want to mention how you would be affected by an increase in fees especially if you are on a low income or retired but not on the benefits that would entitle you to free concessionary fees.

You can also sign the attached on-line petition.


Thanks in advance for your support.

Kind regards

Satnam Gill, Principal, WMC

Satnam Gill talking to Vince CableSatnam Gill talking to Vince Cable

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