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Student Profile: Ahmed Musa

Skills for Life: Literacy Train to Gain

Ahmed Musa first came to England from Somalia in 1993 at which time he was thrown into the deep end of mainstream British education unable to speak a word of English.

“I had to catch up quickly,” he says remembering his school days. “For the first two years of secondary school I was just surviving.” Because of a physical disability, Ahmed was given a place at Swiss Cottage School, where he completed his secondary education. He now works full time at the school as an IT Technician, where he is able to fully exploit his computing skills.

“Before I came to Swiss Cottage School,” he says, “I noticed the way my friends’ brothers and sisters talked about what they learned in their schools and I saw their experience was so much better than mine. Kids were excited by their learning and they got one-to-one help, but not me.”

Things have changed considerably for Ahmed since those days, namely, he has returned to learn literacy as part of Working Men’s College Train to Gain programme. Train to Gain aims to professionalize people at work and give them the skills and qualifications necessary to carry out their jobs as effectively as possible and advance in the workplace.

“I’m trying to grab all available opportunities while I can,” he says. “I work to earn a living and try to balance my work, my studies and my life - it’s a challenge!”

Since leaving school, Ahmed took an IT and Business NVQ but has always attended various classes to improve his English.

He has been attending the WMC Literacy course since late 2007 and has positive things to say.

“My teacher understands my learning needs . She challenges me but just the right amount and I’m very comfortable in the classes. I used to be ashamed to tell people I was going to other literacy courses. Now I am doing the WMC course, I feel proud to tell my colleagues I’m going to literacy”


Current Occupation:

IT Technician


Skills for Life: Literacy Train to Gain

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