Learning Support

WMC Camden College North London

Supporting learners with disabilities and learning difficulties

Our friendly Learning Support team is here to help learners with a disability or specific learning need.

Learning support may include:

  • Accessibility – We try to make programmes and activities accessible to all learners. Inform us if you have access needs and we will do our best to accommodate them.
  • Diagnostic assessment – Literacy and often numeracy needs are assessed on vocational courses. This screening may result in an in-depth assessment for specific learning difficulties and relevant support will be provided for those in need, subject to availability ofresources.
  • Dyslexia support – Learners assessed as dyslexic can be supported either one to one or sometimes in small groups which are facilitated by a specialist support tutor.
  • In-class support or support workshops – These are made available to learners who may require support to achieve on specific courses. Additional support is also available on a one to one basis depending on learners’ needs and resources available.
  • Tutor support – Support from tutors is for a limited period of time and is only made available following discussions between support staff and tutors

Assessing and meeting your needs

Our Learning Support team will arrange an interview for you to share and discuss your needs. We will confirm with you the support we are able to provide to help you succeed on your course and make the most of your time at the college.

Notifying your needs

You can do this before, during or after you enrol.

Please contact Learner Services via email: enrol@wmcollege.ac.uk or phone: 020 72554759 or speak to a member of staff.

Please note – Learning Support is not available on all courses because of the way they are funded. Funds for Learning Support are also limited, therefore all support provided is subject to availability of resources and to the application of our priorities for supporting learners.