All our Language courses are available for adults aged 19 on 31 August 2017 and over only.  We can only accept learners aged 18 and over on the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design.

Learning a foreign language can be a real advantage in life, not only for your personal development but also for your career. It:

  • opens up job opportunities for you whether you work in business or in the public sector
  • exposes you to a new culture, viewpoints and thoughts and expands your view of the world
  • improves your knowledge and understanding of your own native language
  • develops your intellect through memorisation and the acquisition of new learning  skills
  • increases your sense of self worth and boots your ego!

All our language courses are taught by native speakers who have an expertise in teaching adults. At WMC-The Camden College in London you will be able to progress from beginners level to advanced conversation level. Each level runs over 10 weeks. You will learn grammar, develop your vocabulary and learn about the country’s culture.

We also run language courses for the holidays, for those looking to learn a few basics before jumping on that plane (or train!).

If you are unsure on what level to enrol onto, click on the link below which takes you to a page where you can test your levels in various languages according to the Common European Framework; our language courses are structured to this framework:

There is also this one for Italian.

Daytime & Evening Language Courses

Course Name

Beginners Arabic pt1 (A1)

Beginners Arabic pt2 (A1)

Beginners Arabic pt3 (A1)

Beginners Plus Arabic pt1 (A1+)

Beginners Plus Arabic pt2 (A1+)

Beginners Plus Arabic pt3 (A1+)

Brazilian Portugese

Beginners Brazilian Portuguese pt2 (A1)

Beginners Brazilian Portuguese pt3 (A1)


Beginners French pt1 (A1)

Beginners French pt2 (A1)

Beginners French pt3 (A1)

Elementary French pt1 (A2)

Elementary French pt2 (A2)

Elementary French pt3 (A2)

Upper Intermediate French pt1 (B1/2)

Upper Intermediate French pt2 (B1/2)

Upper Intermediate French pt3 (B1/2)

Conversation club – French

French for Holidays (1 day intensive)


Beginners German pt1 (A1)

Beginners German pt2 (A1)

Beginners German pt3 (A1)

Elementary German pt1 (A2)

Elementary German pt2 (A2)

Elementary German pt3 (A2)

German for Holidays (1 day intensive)


Beginners Italian pt1 (A1)

Beginners Italian pt2 (A1)

Beginners Italian pt3 (A1)

Elementary Italian pt1 (A2)

Elementary Italian pt2 (A2)

Elementary Italian pt3 (A2)

Intermediate Italian pt1 (B1)

Intermediate Italian pt2 (B1)

Intermediate Italian pt3 (B1)

Conversation club – Italian

Italian for Holidays (1 day intensive)


Beginners Japanese pt1 (A1)

Beginners Japanese pt2 (A1)

Beginners Japanese pt3 (A1)


Beginners Russian pt2 (A1)

Beginners Russian pt3 (A1)

Beginners Plus Russian pt1 (A1+)

Beginners Plus Russian pt2 (A1+)

Beginners Plus Russian pt3 (A1+)


Beginners Spanish pt1 (A1)

Beginners Spanish pt2 (A1)

Beginners Spanish pt3 (A1)

Elementary Spanish pt1 (A2)

Elementary Spanish pt2 (A2)

Elementary Spanish pt3 (A2)

Intermediate Spanish pt1 (B1)

Intermediate Spanish pt2 (B1)

Intermediate Spanish pt3 (B1)

Upper Intermediate Spanish pt1 (B1/2)

Upper Intermediate Spanish pt2 (B1/2)

Upper Intermediate Spanish pt3 (B1/2)

Conversation club – Spanish

Spanish for Holidays (1 day intensive)