Textiles Courses

Fashion and Textiles courses WMC-The Camden College

All our Textiles courses are available for adults aged 19 on 31 August 2017 and over only.


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Textiles: Design and Make (Mixed Level)

This course will introduce you to a variety of exciting surface pattern, print and constructed textile techniques such as creative dyeing (e.g. Japanese shibori), stitching, machine and hand embroidery, block print and heat transfer printing, knit, weave and needle felting. All of these techniques can be applied to create fashion or interior outcomes.

Crochet Workshop (Beginner/Intermediate)

This course will give you a broad introduction to the traditional and re-emerging craft of crochet. Beginners will explore crochet through learning its basic principles, through crafting, designing
and constructing a purse or bag. You will learn about a wide variety of yarns and finishing techniques, as well as using professional terminology. Improvers in this day class will use their existing crochet knowledge to read patterns, and make a variety of traditional granny squares. These can be constructed into either a cushion cover, or a scarf.

Cross-Stitch Workshop (Beginner/Intermediate)

This course is a modern introduction to designing and cross stitching a square sampler.

There are so many exciting projects you can make with basic cross stitching skills! Get your start with this timeless technique in this Introduction to Cross-Stitch workshop.
You’ll learn the basic cross-stitch, zig zag, herringbone, tacked herringbone, oblong, and rice stitches.  By the end of this class, you’ll know how to complete a sampler and be able to embark on your own projects with this traditional craft.

Hand Knitting Workshop (Beginners/Intermediate)

This one day course is for beginners and improvers, and is designed to give you a broad introduction to the skills of hand knitting. Beginners will explore knitting through learning basic principles, creating knitted samples through colour, texture, shaping and pattern You will create your own technical file, with professional terminology and pattern writing. You will also learn about a variety of yarns and finishing techniques.

Improvers in this day class will be introduced to beginners 5 needle knitting, where you will use your knowledge of pattern reading, to knit in the round, and create a bobble hat. Advanced knitters will design and knit and construct their own Fairisle purse.

Introduction to Tapestry and Cloth Weaving Workshop (Mixed Level)

This one day course is a broad introduction to weaving, where you will explore two contrasting methods: tapestry weaving and tabletop loom weaving. You will explore the basic foundations of weaving by creating a series of samples using a variety of materials and yarns.

Shibori Textiles (Beginners/Intermediate)

Learn to create textile designs using the ancient Japanese art of Shibori while dyeing and manipulating cloth to create a variety of patterns. You will be introduced to the different types of cloth manipulation such as Arashi, Itajame, Nui,Kumo, Kanako and Miura. On this course you will create a series of samples.

Surface Textile Design (Mixed Level)

This two day course is an introduction to surface design using dyes and special pigments. You will be introduced to a range of techniques of working with colour on fabric and you will have the opportunity to explore pattern, create motifs using print and employ innovative fabric manipulation techniques to create a range of fabric samples.

Textiles: Embroidery (Beginners/Intermediate)

This course is a modern introduction to designing with embroidery  exploring pattern, texture symmetry and colour. You will learn five popular stitches and the French knot.

You’ll be able to choose a fun design (or a drawing of your own) to embroider yourself and embark on your own project.